Naa GirlFriend Baaga Rich –Sivaji's poor run at the B.O continues
Release date: 06 March 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 1/5
Director : M. Nagendrakumar
Music Director : Anand
Producer : Kumar Bros
Starring : Shivaji, Kaveri Jha, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Babloo, Gundu Hanumantharao and others ...
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Sivaji's story and script selection leaves a lot to be desired. He comes across as a good actor with a bad judgement of what clicks and doesn't click at the box office. That perhaps is the difference between him and other upcoming heroes like Allari Naresh

What is it about : Naa girl friend baaga rich is about Sanjay Sastri (Sivaji) a golf champion whose ambition in life is to marry a rich girl and settle down. He meets the girl of his dreams, Sraavya (Kaveri Jha) in the golf club and falls for her promptly. A forgettable song and two not so funny sequences later, Sraavya leaves to the US to meet her father (Ahuti Prasad) and mother (Tulasi). Just as the hero moons over his absent love, she calls him out of the blue and says she has convinced her parents to meet him on their annual family holiday in Bangkok. An elated Sanjay leaves for Bangkok and in the flight meets the notorious "transporter" Mike Tyson (Brahmanandam). In the flight the bags of Sanjay and Mike Tyson get switched. The catch here being, Tyson's bag has the severed heads of India's most wanted criminals! From here on the story gets predictable. Sanjay must get rid of the dreadful cargo and win back his love, while the bags and the baddies must go to jail!

What is Good : Sivaji's performance is good in patches. Brahmanandam as Mike Tyson has delivered his worst performance till date. Kaveri Jha's role is sketchy but the girl can go places if she is more careful with her choice of directors and banners. Anand's music, at least in two songs, is reasonably good.

What is bad : M.Nagendra Kumar's direction and screenplay are a sham. The roles of Brahmanandam and Sivaji are poorly etched. That really is a pity because, Sivaji as his record shows is very good in comedy scenes and his pairing with Brahmanandam should have created some real laugh riot. Sadly, that was not the case to be. The fault squarely lies with director Nagendra Kumar. He has majorly messed up the narrative of the film. Not one character has a logical and rational ending. He has to invest serious time in learning the fundamentals of film making!!

Me Thinks : What was Nagendra Kumar thinking when he named the movie "Naa Girlfrieind Baaga Rich?" There is absolutely no connection between the title and the story. And that lack of clarity is evident in the film. Naa girl friend baaga rich is an example of the poor standards of film making in Tollywood.

Tailpiece: The entire film in fact seems to be based on two English movies - "Transporter" and "Welcome". The Tyson character seems to have been etched from Transporter and the romance angle has definitely been copied from Welcome.

- Pramod Reddy   
123Telugu.com Rating : 1/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
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