Naa Style Veru
Release date: 12 June 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.5/5
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Director : G Shyam Prasad
Music Director : Anoop Rubens
Producer : Maganti Gopinath
Starring : Dr Rajashekar, Bhoomika, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venumadhav, Vijay Kumar...
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As expected Rajasekhar comes up with another dud at the BO. In this ridiculously titled flick "Naa Stlea Vaeru" Rajasekhar plays a hard-drinking lawyer who bashes up the bad guys and wins his lady love. That's right! Go ahead and roll your eyes !! This is (yet) another "different" movie that is exactly the same like the hundreds of similar movies that Tollywood churns out every year.

What is it about : Rajasekhar plays the role of Sivaram, a lawyer whose idea of practicing law is to hang out with his close pal, Ali at "road side dhabas". Sivaram comes down hard on anybody who he feels are disciplinarians because he feels such people do not understand love. Surprised? There is more to come. Director Ram Prasad even has a flash back to show why Sivaram is like that. It involves Sivaram being denied to marry a girl of his dreams and the girl dying in tragic circumstances. Sivaram then resorts to abusing his parents not to mention the bottle. Into such a life walks Parvathi (Bhumika). She, as usual, is the daughter of a rich industrialist, who in a random call connects with Sivaram and seeks his help. Sivaram then gets Parvati (to his) home and within 2-songs and 3-comedy sequences she lives with them like she belongs there! Predictably her rich "industrialist dad" implicates Sivaram in a criminal case. The rest of the movie is about how Sivaram outwits the bad industrialist and gets to marry his beautiful daughter.

What is Good: Surprisingly Rajasekhar's subdued performance. He underplays himself well and gives a restrained performance. Bhumikas as Parvati is charming and glamorous. In fact in the first half of the movie she overshadows Rajasekhar – not that it is very difficult! Ali with his slightly deformed leg, as Rajasekhar's buddy draws a few chuckles. Performances by Ahuti Prasad and Annapurna are good, considering the poor characterization.

What is bad: A weak script and poor narration top a very long list of negatives for this film. But to me the most disappointing thing was the stale comedy dished out by Venu Madhav and Brahmanandam. Director Ram Prasad should look at a few movies by Puri Jagannath as to see how comic characters need to be sketched into the main story. Anup Ruebens music is a major disappointment. The film is essentially a tale of greed. But the director has force-fed family sentiment into the narration. And it is done with too much improvisation on-the-sets. This has resulted in a lack of continuity in the film and therefore slows down the pace of the movie in the second half.

Me Thinks: For the all expectations generated, it ends up as a disappointment, which is all thanks to a very sketchy story

Tailpiece: I sat through the entire movie, looking for one moment of cinematic magic from director Ram Prasad. What I got instead was a stale formulaic dish that lacked soul and style. And yet the film makers have the audacity to name their flick as “Naa Style Ae Vaeru’’!!

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