Nacchavule anthantha maatranga...
Release date: 19 December 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.75/5
Director : Ravi babu
Music Director : Shekar chandra
Producer : Ramoji Rao
Starring : Subhakar,Narasimha, Kasi Viswanath, Raksha, Madhavi Latha...
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Allari Ravi Babu truly has different ideas. Even if his ideas do not always translate into success on the big screen, they nevertheless find appreciation. Nacchavule raises great hopes of a breezy romance and a madcap comedy in the first half hour, but suddenly turns into an emotional drama in the second half which leaves us feeling high and dry.

What is it about : Lav Kumar (Subhakar) has love in his name, but no love in his life. He is desperately trying to get himself a girlfriend and helping him in his efforts is his best friend Seenu (Narasimha). The two get beaten up almost everywhere they go. Lav's father (Kasi Viswanath) is angry at him and does not speak to him, choosing to speak through his Mom (Raksha) instead. He asks a girl Anu (Madhavi Latha) to be his girlfriend. How the girl falls in love with him first and he does not realize and how he realizes later and finally finds love is the plot of the film.

What is Good: The first half is very good. There are ample amounts of comedy and two very good songs and the hour and ten minutes before the interval pass off in a flash. It also packs in several laugh out loud moments. Subhakar (who played Sonali Bendre's brother in Manmadhudu) and Narasimha make impressive debuts, while Madhavi latha who acted in a couple of films earlier can consider this her big break. Raksha, the girl from the Chinnadana song in Premalekha plays the hero's mother and does very well. The supporting cast also does pretty well. The music is decent and the picturization elevates the songs. The lad who played the villain is also pretty good.

What is bad: The complete U turn in the second half takes one by surprise. People walked out in the interval grinning wide and expecting more goofy comedy, but the second half turns into a sentimental drama with a big cell phone thrill element thrown in dragging the movie down. The entire film was wrapped up in Ramoji Film City, but one really thinks it could have used some more color and different locations. The climax is also a slight downer.

Me Thinks: The first half will give you all the entertainment worth your ticket price. And if you are the kind that likes some sentiment and emotion, you will not mind the second half either. Nacchaavule can stand its own but a lot will depend on the performance of the spate of movies releasing in the next few weeks.

Tailpiece: The comedy in the first half of the film is superb and had the entire theater in splits. Worth watching for that.

- Chantabbai  
123Telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5

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