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Updated at 09:54 PM

The function has officially come to a close. We hope you enjoyed our live coverage from the venue folks.Keep visiting for exclusive and reliable movie updates

Updated at 09:53 PM

Pawan " S.J. Surya suggested the name of Vishnu. He has moulded Panjaa very well. He has worked selflessly for the movie.I specially appreciate Yuvan for not only his music but also his noble gesture in putting aside his personal grief to attend this function.I appreciate the producers and each and ever member of the unit. I hope a film with Rajamouli happens when the time is right".

Updated at 09:46 PM

Pawan Kalyan is speaking on stage."I never realised that it has been 15 years since I came into the industry. Your love and affection will always have a place in my heart. Right from the time Annayya Chiranjeevi asked me whether I wanted to act,I always questioned myself. Tholiprema happened. I wanted to earn success through hard work and not through my family name. I could not do many films and I could not make you all happy all the time,but there has never been a carelessness on my side. I worked hard for Panjaa"

Updated at 09:35 PM

Vishnuvardhan " I am very happy to be here and be a part of this atmosphere.Special thanks to Pawan garu and the Producer"

Updated at 09:33 PM

Rajamouli "The superb reaction to the teaser shows the admiration Pawan commands. The title is powerful and the title track is amazing. I am sure the movie is going to rock"

Updated at 09:30 PM

Keeravani is speaking on stage" ilayaraja is my guru and his son Yuvan has given great music. I wish the team the very best and I hope Panjaa becomes a blockbuster"

Updated at 09:25 PM

Pawan is a great orator. He is playing to the crowds beautifully. He has presented a medal to Prudhvi Tej, the IIT topper who is a hardcore fan of Pawan. Ace director Rajamouli has unveiled the first CD

Updated at 09:18 PM

The formal audio launch is happening on stage. All the guests have been invited on to the stage.

Updated at 09:14 PM

"Saayam pondina vadu krutagnatha chupinchakapovatam entha thappo, sayam chesina vadu kruthagnatha aasinchatam kuda anthe thappu" Panjaa Dialogue

Updated at 09:10 PM

The next song from the movie has been unveiled.. "Yela Yela" is the song.Some nice steps in the song from Pawan Kalyan.. A new dialogue Promo is being shown. Its an absolutely rocking trailer and fans are going wild with delight. Pawan's comedy timing is awesome.

Updated at 09:00 PM

Video song of "Paparao" is playing on screen. Song sung by Pawan Kalyan on Brahmanandam.Ali is enthralling the crowds with his Katravalli talk. The ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu is going to be performed on stage.

Updated at 08:54 PM

Brahmi is on stage now. He gets an extremely enthusiastic response from the crowd. "Panjaa will be a landmark for Power Star Pawan. He has performed extraordinarily.It is a complete treat for fans. I am sub-inspector Paparao. He has sung a song on me. Yuvan's music is super. Vishnu's direction is awesome."

Updated at 08:38 PM

A special rap song is being performed as a tribute to Pawan's 15 years in the Industry. The song absolutely rocks. Hope someone utlilizes it in one of Pawan's films.The stadium is going crazy with delight. "Powerstar" is how the song goes

Updated at 08:26 PM

A live percussion performance is going on. Spectacular show. Ali enthralled the crowd with his surprisingly good play on the drums

Updated at 08:13 PM

Pawan Kalyan has just arrived inside and the crowd goes ballistic..the noise level is defeaning and the adulation these crowds have for Pawan Kalyan is just mind boggling..

Updated at 08:10 PM

Panjaa title track is being performed on stage by Johnny Master and team...The crowd is going wild with delight. Suma has just announced that Rajamouli and Keeravani are stuck in the massive traffic jam outside the entrance

Updated at 07:58 PM

A special video presentation is being shown on screen with the best entries from the Youtube Panjaa contest..

Updated at 07:45 PM

Vamsi Paidipally and Saidharam Teja are talking about Pawan Kalyan. The stage is being readied for a dance performance to a medley of Pawan Kalyan's hits.

Updated at 07:34 PM

Next song from Panjaa has been unveiled.. "Cheyi Veyara" is how the song starts. Being performed by Saloni on stage.

Updated at 07:23 PM

Yuvan Shankar Raja has made his way in. The atmosphere is unbelievable here. Needs to be seen to be believed. Ganesh Babu is talking about his experience working with Pawan Kalyan.

Updated at 07:13 PM

First Song has been unveiled! Priya Hemesh is on stage along with B.Raaj to render it live. "Anukonidhe kadha.." is how the song goes

Updated at 07:00 PM

First stage Performance of the evening. Made in Andhra Student song is being performed on stage. Whistles and cheers from all around the auditorium

Updated at 06:55 PM

Wow :) Ali has made a rocking appearance on stage, dressed in Pawan Kalyan's look from Panjaa! Complete with beard and Ray Bans!

Updated at 06:50 PM

The function has officially begun! Suma is anchoring the event and she is on stage now. Producer BVSN Prasad has made his way in

Updated at 06:35 PM

Producer Shobhu Yarlagadda is here and is supervising last minute stuff..Director Vishnuvardhan is interacting with people seated in the VIP section. Bytes from Film Industry people describing Pawan Kalyan are playing on screen

Updated at 06:25 PM

Director Vishnuvardhan has made his way into the venue.. Bouncers are having a tough time controlling the extremely excited crowd..

Updated at 06:15 PM

Guests and some members from the Film Industry are slowly making their way into the indoor stadium. Hit video songs from Pawan's films are playing on the screens.

Updated at 05:58 PM

Video Songs from Khushi and Jalsa are being played on LED screen and two side screens..Crowds are enjoying themselves

Updated at 05:45 PM

Massive Crowds outside the gate..Lots and lots of people trying to get in..A charged atmosphere is building up..Working stills from the movie are being shown on screen. Brahmanandam and Ali look hilarious

Updated at 05:30 PM

A rocking rap number is being practiced on stage for a live performance. Don't know if it will make it to the movie, but it absolutely rocks and the fans are going wild with delight.. It goes like "Power Star...."

Updated at 05:25 PM

We will be bringing you live updates shortly from Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, where the audio album of Power Star Pawan's Panjaa is being released. Keep watching the space

Mahesh K.S
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