Prayanam - Manoj takes a different road
Release date: 29 May 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 3/5
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Director : Chandrasekhar Yeleti
Music Director : Mahesh Shankar
Producer : Seeta Yeleti
Starring : Manoj Manchu, Harika, Brahmanandam, Kalpika, Janardhan, Tamim,Daniel...
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First things first - hats off to Manoj and Chandra Sekar Yeleti for daring to be different in a real sense of the word. Manoj, especially could have chosen the clichéd 5-songs-4-fights path to stardom. But his willingness to do something different means Tollywood has (at least) one thinking actor in the horizon!

What is it about : It is about Dhruv, (Manchu Manoj) falling in love with Harika (Payal Ghosh) a girl he meets in an airport. He has to win her heart before she catches her flight back to India to meet her groom - that is in 2 hours! The entire movie is in that time span. This is the challenging canvas against which Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti begins and ends this celluloid journey. In these 2 hous Dhruv and Harika turn from strangers to acquaintances to friends and lovers. Along the way they are helped by an eclectic set of characters played by Brahmamnadam, Tamim, Kalpika and Janardhan. Brahmanandam's role is brief but the impact is big on the laughter scale. Prayanam due to its "different premise" has little scope for dramatization" and that could be the sole reason that this multiplex movie might not appeal to the masses. But while it lasts (especially in the 1st half) it is easy on the eyes and good, clean fun.

What is Good: Manchu Manoj’s performance is apt. He has put in effort into the character and it shows. Payal Ghosh is bubbly and natural. But my marks go to the unheralded Tamim and Kalpika. This pair if handled well can really really tickle our funny bone. Their comic timing is impeccable and they are naturals at the art. Mahesh' music (for Anant' Sreeram's lyrics) is peppy. Sarvesh's cinematography is slick and chic. He does not have the luxury of exotic locales to play with, yet he excels. The scene where Dhruv lifts Harika without touching her shows the class touch of director Chandra Sekar Yeleti.

What is bad: Prayanam lacks drama. It is a made for multiplex movie and as such will not be liked by the masses who are used to a fair bit of dramatization. The first 10 minutes can be a trifle misleading and the climax could have done with some more imagination at the editors table. Mid way through the second half the movie slows down and drags. Situational movies usually are short, but we in Tollywood are used to a 2 hours + movie and therein is the problem of this movie. It is a Hollywood concept which has been cut to suit the tastes of Tollywood's audiences.

Me Thinks: Watch it with someone you love. It has good music, clean comedy and is light on the head.

Tailpiece: It really has been a long while, that a Telugu movie producer has really dared to make a different movie. Producer Seeta Yeleti needs all the encouragement in her Tollywood Prayanam. Three cheers to her banner Aryaki Arts!!!

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