Release date: 18 March 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5
Director : V.N. Aditya
Music Director : koti
Producer : Kumar Brothers
Starring : Sumanth, Priyamani, Vimala Raman, Rockline Venkatesh, Shwetha and others...
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One hero romancing two heroines isn’t a new genre for Telugu movies. That said, such movies need a very talented actor backed by terrific writer and a director team. Movies like Godavari, Golconda High School etc. have proved the talent of Sumath. But question is, does he have enough to handle the typical Telugu commercial movie, like his uncle Nag recently did in Ragada.

 Aha Naa Pellanta What’s it about : Raaj (Sumanth), a fashion photographer, is engaged to Mythili (Priyamani), daughter of his father’s close friend. Just as the wedding date nears, he pleads his dad to call off the marriage, as he has fallen in love with another girl Priya (Vimala Raman). However, because Raaj doesn’t know where Priya has gone away, and because Raaj cannot say no to his father he ends up getting married. Even though Raaj does his best not to consummate their marriage, Mythili wins him over. Just when Raaj seems to have forgotten his past affair, he hears Priya’s voice somewhere, and starts searching for her. Raaj lies to his wife that he is going to London, while he starts searching for Priya in Hyderabad. It isn’t long before Raaj finds Priya, and Mythili finds the truth about her husband. However, it seems not everything is as it seems, as one amongst the three has had a strange childhood!

What is Good : Priyamani is a stunning actress. She is extremely at home as the traditional wife, while she is at ease in the skimpy outfits in the ‘so called’ sensuous songs. Her chemistry with Sumanth, especially in the romantic scenes, puts the screen on fire! Vimala Raman has very little to do, though it seems she has given her best. Srinivas Reddy and Ali’s comedy manages to provide some relief. Even though Sumanth seems to have given his best, bad narration doesn’t help his cause to establish himself as a commercial Telugu hero.

What is bad: There are lots of problems with Raaj, and to say that the story is cliched is only the beginning of it. Despite having talented actors, the narrative is too insipid and never bothers to get the sympathy of the audiences. You know there is definitely something wrong, when a married couple thinks that they have fallen in love just because they have consummated their marriage. No, that was not the intention or the purpose of the movie, but that is how it comes across in it. Obviously, the gap between what was thought on paper and what was portrayed on screen is too wide for anyone to comprehend. Added to this, too many number of bed scenes, not too aesthetically done smooches, and overtly ‘sexy’ songs, make you feel like you watching a B-grade film!

Technical Departments : Personally, I liked the darkish shade that has been employed for the texture of the film - it suits the darkish side of the characters of the movie. The sets look quite rich and modern, as opposed to the dialogues and scenes that are quite outdated. Choreography of fights is clever in some places. Editing could have been better. Almost all the songs could have been better, had it not been the idea of the choreographer to have the ladies clad in very few clothes. Because it comes at a wrong time, even the much talked about remix of Bheemavaram Bulloda falls short of entertainment. After delivering some duds in the recent past, V.N.Aditya seems to have been out of form, and this film is no different.

Final Point : Raaj has nothing special for an ordinary Telugu cinema viewer. Probably, men won’t mind this film to watch Priyamani and Vimala Raman!


123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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