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Updated at 11 : 31 AM

The movie ends. Review will follow folks

Updated at 11 : 27 AM

The movie is inching towards a climax. Final confrontation between the villains and Charan. Some powerful and provocative dialogues

Updated at 11 : 14 AM

'Singareni undi' is the song which is on now. Full mass picturization.

Updated at 11 : 12 AM

Story is in flashback mode. Violent scenes unfold and a bitter truth is revealed.

Updated at 11 : 10 AM

The bamboo fight shot in the jungles of China is now on.

Updated at 10 : 55 AM

Air is thick with exploding and flying Scorpios. One more Twist!

Updated at 10 : 50 AM

Dev Gill comes in as the villain now. Movie turns into a revenge drama

Updated at 10 : 46 AM

Time for the legendary 'Vaana Vaana' song. Tamanna just oozes glamour and she looks outrageously hot. A treat for the eyes. Song has been shot well and Charan does a good job with dance as always.

Updated at 10 : 40 AM

Jaiprakash Reddy also makes a humorous entry as inspector JPD Souza.. Comedy is entertaining

Updated at 10 : 35 AM

Ali makes a humorous entry on a Harley as Love Guru Paparao

Updated at 10 : 30 AM

Scene shifts to a forest as the goons hunt Charan and Tamanna

Updated at 10 : 22 AM

Twist! And Interval - The first half has some comedy and a romantic track. Story should unfold in the second half

Updated at 10 : 18 AM

The first massive fight of the movie breaks out.

Updated at 10 : 15 AM

Kota Srinivasa Rao makes an entry as Byreddy Anna. Tamanna starts reciprocating Charan's love.

Updated at 10 : 10 AM

'Oka Paadham' song is on now.. Shot well.. Tamanna is looking extremely beautiful in this song.. Beautiful locales..Charan has tried out a new look in this song

Updated at 9 : 58 AM

Comedy and double meaning dialogues are keeping things interesting..

Updated at 9 : 47 AM

Krishna Bhagawan comes in as dance school owner. Charan turns into a dance instructor for Tamanna.. Time for the Dillaku Dillaku song. Tamanna is looking gorgeous and Charan is entertaining with superb dance

Updated at 9 : 36 AM

Brahmi makes an entry as dance master Rangeela

Updated at 9 : 32 AM

Charan appears in a medical coat with Shankar Dada background score. Theater explodes with whistles and cheers

Updated at 9 : 30 AM

Mukesh Rishi comes in as Ballari- A powerful mining Don.. Tamanna comes in as Chaitra - a medical student. Ravi Babu makes an entry as Agent Satti.

Updated at 9 : 25 AM

Ajmal has issues with Ram Charan. A gully cricket match between the ladies of the colony and Charan is aimed at the front bench audience. Tragedy strikes Charan's family again.

Updated at 9 : 22 AM

M.S.Narayana comes in as the father of Charan. All the comedy stars are coming in. Dharmavarapu, Jhansi,Hema and Uttej come in.

Updated at 9 :18 AM

Car race sequence shot interestingly. Time for the opening song. 'Teesmar Khan Raccha'. Song has been shot well. Good dance from Charan

Updated at 9 :11 AM

Ram Charan makes an interesting entry on top of a moving train as Betting Raj. Venu Madhav, Srinivas Reddy and Thagubothu Ramesh also come in

Updated at 9 :09 AM

Unexpected Bomb blast sequence. Tragedy strikes a young Charan. Movie shifts to present day

Updated at 9 :07 AM

Parthiban and Nasser have been introduced as village elders.

Updated at 9 :04 AM

The movie has just started. Titles are on and a 'Special thanks to Padmabhushan Megastar Chiranjeevi' title card was displayed. Movie has started with a young Ram Charan's entry.

Updated at 8:50 AM

The movie is about to begin shortly. Massive crowds at Prasads and many film industry personalities are here to watch the film. Keeravani garu came with family

Updated at 8:40 AM

Hello folks.. We will be bringing you live updates from Ram Charan's 'Raccha' in a few minutes. Keep watching this space

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Mahesh K.S
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