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Updated at 11 :38 AM

High voltage action in the last fight and movie has come to end .Review will follow folks

Updated at 11 :35 AM

Ram caran making some daring statements in the climax

Updated at 11 :30 AM

Climax of the movie started

Updated at 11 :25 AM

Tamanna has danced Really Good in the movie

Updated at 11 :20 AM

mass song cherry cherry playing ...

Updated at 11 :15 AM

he whole twist has been Revealed and the movie is heading Towards the climax

Updated at 10 :55 AM

Twist in the movie has been revealed and lets how the movie goes from here

Updated at 10 :45 AM

Much awaited Vaana Vaana song has started and looks cool

Updated at 10 :35 AM

Second half has started and all and Jay Prakash Reddy comedy is funny

Updated at 10 :25 AM

Twist in the movie has been reveled and its interval time now.

Updated at 10 :15 AM

All the songs in the first half has finished movie is heading towards interval bang

Updated at 9:55 AM

Second song has just finished and Tamanna has improved her dance move and is on par with Ram Charan

Updated at 9:38 AM

Comedian brahmanandam entry was good. Movie runs into comedy mode now

Updated at 9:25 AM

Villains intro has just finished with an interesting twist.

Updated at 9:18 AM

Title song has just finished and ram charan looks fresh and handsome.

Updated at 9:10 AM

Heros intro finished, made it simple and cool starys with an Race.

Updated at 9:05 AM

Titles has finished rolling and the movie starts with a interesting note.

Updated at 9:03 AM

The movie has just started.

Updated at 8:45 AM

Huge crowds and media people gather out side Prasadz. People are so exited and cant wait for the movie to start. All the screens just screening raccha.

Updated at 8:40 AM

Hello folks.. We will be bringing you live updates from Ram charan's 'Raccha' in a few minutes. Keep watching this space

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