Rainbow –Not Too Colorful!!!
Release date: 02 October 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 2/5
Director : V N Aditya
Music Director : Nihal (Debutante)
Producer : V N Aditya
Starring : Raahul, Sonal Chauhan,Sindhu Menon,Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Prakash Raj...
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Given movies like Ashtha-Chamma & Ankit, Pallavi & Friends which were light-hearted movies targeted at the city crowds, one would expect the same from Rainbow. The movie starts off promisingly but loses steam after some time due to the slow pace at which it unfolds. Overall, it would be bracketed as a timepass movie.

What is it about: Shyam (Rahul of the Happy Days fame) is a budding painter who makes his livelihood by painting hoardings across the city. Since he is an orphan, his neighbors are like his extended family which includes a mute neighbor Kamala (Sindhu Menon) who has a soft corner for him. One fine day, a chance encounter with Swapna (Sonal Chauhan) has him falling head over heels in love with her. Since Swapna’s sole ambition is become a heroine to realize her father’s dream, Shyam goes all out to help her get a break in movies. In the process, he becomes color blind in an accident which puts his painting career at risk. Despite that he goes on to help get her break and she eventually she realizes her dream. The last part of the movie is whether she wants to give up her career to acknowledge Shyam’s love who in turn has realized Kamala’s feelings for him …that’s where the twist comes in..

What is Good: The performances by Sonal Chauhan & the rest of the supporting cast are good. Sonal looks gorgeous especially in western outfits and comes up with a decent performance. Sindhu Menon manages to leave an impact despite not having a single dialogue in the entire film. The music by Nihal is pleasant and the songs are evenly spaced throughout the movie. A comedy track by Sunil is a welcome break in the screenplay. The highlight of the movie is the end which I thought was quite unexpected given the predictability the whole movie had.

What is bad:The movie could have been edited better to keep the pace fast. The movie drags at times which makes you wish the story moved to the next situation. Also, the hero Rahul needs to work on his acting (and not just smile) and his dancing seems a bit awkward. Despite the premise of a painter as a hero, the movie was not able to make good use of colors as an eye-catching element.

Me Thinks: Predictable for most of the time, this can be safely watched once if you have time on your hands. It’s more in the league of an entertainer like Ankit, Pallavi & Friends.

Tailpiece: The movie has guest appearances by four Tollywood directors playing themselves (Samudra, Kodi Ramakrishna, Srinu Vytla & Rajamouli) since the theme is about making it big in movies.

- AKS  
123Telugu.com Rating : 2/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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