Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu - Loud Lecturing Bore!!!
Release date: 15 May 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 1.5/5
Director : Posani Krishna Murali
Music Director : Vandemataram Srinivas
Producer : Subramanyam, Rupesh Y
Starring : Posani Krishna Murali, Gaina, Brahmanandam, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Raghubabu...
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Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu( RCC) is another offering from Posani which raises questions about the rot existing in the political system and aims to wake up the masses to question the system and change it. The problem lies in the way the message is put across which makes it end up as a loud bore which tries to promote Chiranjivi blatantly by using topical societal issues.

What is it about : The story starts with Inspector Raja (Posani) investigating an acid attack case involving the local MLA’s brother where he delivers justice in his own style which means “eye for an eye”. By the end of this episode, he has the police department and the MLA crying for his blood as well as main witness singing a duet with him. He settles down to marital bliss and very soon finds himself dismissed for confronting the MLA. He starts a fish farm for which he bribes the various government departments as well as the MLA. We soon find out the whole fish farm story is a sting operation which results in the expose of the corruption and rot in the entire society. The movie ends up with Posani delivering a long lecture in the courtroom asking people to vote for social workers (read Chiranjivi) rather than politicians.

What is Good: Nothing much to recommend unless ofcourse you are a fan of Posani dialogues which are in abundance. He very strongly brings out the topical issues in his own style which drew appreciation from the audience. He covered everything from acid attacks, politics, corruption, casteism, etc. Apart from the dialogues, the story of an honest, upright cop single-handedly fighting against the system seems quite dated. It has an impressive line-up of comedians who do their bit in making you laugh in a couple of scenes.

What is bad: As mentioned earlier, the concept of the movie is very dated and we have seen this explored earlier in hindi & telegu movies. Apart from Posani, the rest of the characters are very sketchy and their motives never explained. The villains seem tame and they hardly make an impact since Posani is there in almost every scene. The two songs (including an item number) seem to be forced into the screenplay.

Me Thinks: Give it a miss… this is only for hardcore Posani fans. Nana Patekar had done similar roles almost a decade back in bollywood.

Tailpiece: If this movie was meant to promote Chiranjivi, then it should have been released earlier to counter the anti- Chiranjivi flick “Mesthri”. Releasing it a day before the elections results was to be announced doesn’t help. But as an afterthought, it might not have helped Chiru’s cause at all!!!

- Aks   

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