Seema Tapakai : Dramedy that Catches you off guard!
Release date: 13 May 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Nageswara Reddy.G
Producer : Malla Vijay Prasad
Music Director : Vandemataram Srinivas
Starring : Allari Naresh, Purna, Shayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Jayaprakash Reddy, Nagineedu and others...
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Every time you see an Allari Naresh movie, you expect him to make us laugh with some ridiculous scenes. Seematapakai has loads of such, but finds you unaware of what immediately follows these comedy situations. This could as well be the Bommarillu of comedy movies!

Seema Tapakai What’s it about : Sri Krishna (Allari Naresh) is the son of a filthy rich father (Sayaji Shinde). His father is so rich that he hates even the smell of the poor, and despises anyone who talks about giving money as alms. Sri Krishna’s family too, doesn’t mind the opulence they have. Coming from this family, he falls in love with a Satya (Poorna), who thinks the rich become richer by exploiting the poor. In order to make Satya fall for him, Krishna starts acting as a poor chap, with a poor family. He buys his way out to show Satya that he helps the poor, and unintentionally becomes their savior of sorts. When Satya accepts his love, he recruits his family to help him convince her completely. So the rich father becomes a banana seller, rich mother becomes a bajji seller etc. However, Satya is revealed to be the runaway daughter of a Rayalaseema factionist (Nagineedu). She urges her father to share his riches with his followers, an idea which his father doesn’t take. But on knowing that she wants to get married to a ‘poor’ boy, he doesn’t mind it. In order to get them married the Krishna asks her father to act as a Head Master! What happens when a fake ‘poor family’ meets a fake ‘good hearted teacher’ – watch this movie to know.

What is Good : Seematapakai is that kind of a movie about which separating the good things from the bad is difficult, but very necessary. The movie has typical Allari Naresh comedy tracks, with the actor imitating Sai Kumar, Rajasekhar etc. almost all of them make you laugh out loud. The Odarpu episode is outrageously funny. The girl Poorna makes a decent head start to her career. She showed glimpses of talent, and has necessary glamour quotient that will attract the Telugu audiences. She might not have intentinally done it, but she seems to be very much inspired by Asin.

There is a large number of character artists in the movie, and all live up to their expectations, especially mentionable are – Rao Ramesh, Nagineedu, Sudha. Brahmanandam as the guy who is confused looking at the changing attire of Sayaji Shinde will have you in splits. L.B.Sriram, M.S.Narayana, Vennela Kishore all managed to give good laughs too.

The basic premise – heatless rich acting as poor and a merciless killer act as kind teacher for their children seems to be genuine. It is this ingenuity that catches you off guard. However the best part of Seematapakai is its intelligent screenplay, with exceptionally written scenes. To be fair, it is after a long time in Telugu film industry that the second half raises the bar, and has very few expected scenes. When you a see a comedy scene followed by an emotional touch, with a slight message, each of them synchronized well with one another – you want to appreciate the screenplay writer heartfully. Even though the movie seems to give a message, it never over does it, yet calmly makes its point.

What is bad: The movie follows typical Telugu cinema characterization giving each character an idiosyncrasy, and making them stick to them. The love story is far from engaging, and is probably the only aberration in this laugh riot. In spite of some intricately woven characters and scenarios, the last few moments in the climax take away the sheen of pre-climax drama. However, the fun factor is not lost even in these parts.

Technical Departments : Director Nageshwara Reddy, after some not so mentionable movies, gets to the core of the subject of this film with utmost ease. Never once the hero becomes hero for the sake of audience, until of course the climax. Surprisingly,Vandemataram Srinivas’s music is entertaining. The final song in the climax is hilarious while almost all other songs don’t let your eyes look away, at the least! Background score during the emotional scenes is alright, though one would have thought that cinematography and editing were better. It is probably the mix of art direction, well staged scenes, and an excellent screenplay that works in the favor of Seematapakai

Bottomline : Seematapakai will definitely surprise you, and it is easily the best family entertainer this season, which preaches the right values in the right doses.


123Telugu.com Rating : 3.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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