Siddu From Srikakulam – DDLJ in Rayalaseema !!!
Release date: 14 August 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 1.5/5
Director : G Eashwar
Music Director : KM Radhakrishna
Producers : Malla Vijaya Prasad
Starring : Allari Naresh, Manjari Phadnis, Shradha Das, Venu Madhav...
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Sidhu from Srikakulam (SFS) is a movie which wanted to showcase a love story against the backdrop of Rayalaseema factionism. This over-used concept explored in many successful movies before fails miserably here since it has nothing new to offer in any aspect. Despite attempts to introduce situations and ideas from other films, this movie ends up as a loud and boring saga where the audience is more than happy to see the end credits.

What is it about: Naresh is the happy-go-lucky dude in college who flips for Manjari at the first look!!! Since college students in movies are never shown studying, he has the time to propose to her within three scenes and by the sixth scene; they are singing the first of the five forgettable songs in the movie. The catch is that the heroine’s father who is a Rayalaseema faction leader has already promised his daughter’s hand to his rival’s son in a political move for an election ticket. What follows is the Dilwali Dulhaniya Le Jayenge theme with Naresh landing up at the girl’s house in the village & winning everyone’s trust while helping in the marriage preparations. As expected, he gets the girl in the much-awaited climax while the audience has to deal with weird characters who scream & slap at the slightest excuse, a dog that talks, a invalid grandmother who starts dancing after drinking whiskey, Venu Madhav trying to pass of as a college student, and what not!!!

What is Good: The lead couple stands out with Naresh putting in a spirited act while Manjari repeats her Jaane Tu Ya Jaane cute girl act convincingly. Some of the situations involving the two are fun to watch esp. in the first half. In the technical department, the cinematography is good esp in the songs.

What is bad: The music is a big let-down with none of the songs leaving an impact. The movie is supposed to be a comedy but the audience is expected to laugh at people getting slapped. Shradha Das has a role which requires her to flirt with the hero, run around the village in skimpy outfits & do the mandatory item song on a beach in even more skimpier outfits…all this since she comes from the US!!!

Me Thinks: The problem with the movie is that it has nothing new to offer so the director decides to introduce situations & characters who add no value except for dragging the movie further. Allari Naresh will do better sticking to his own brand of comedy than doing such roles.

Tailpiece: In this DDLJ meets Rayalseema mix, you wonder where the Srikakulam angle came in since the girl is from Rayalaseema & the boy is from Vizag!!!

- Aks   
123Telugu.com Rating : 1.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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