Stay away from Snehituda
Release date: 07 August 2009
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Director : Satyam Bellamkonda
Music Director : Shiva Shankar
Producer : Gemini Films
Starring : Nani, Madhavi Lata, Nazar, Suttivelu, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana...
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Satyam Bellamkonda, the director of this flick Snehithudu needs a crash course in the art of true friendship. The friendship saga that he tries to portray between the lead pair Naani and Madhavi Latha is substantially shallow and cinematically silly.

What is it about : Snehithuda is about an orphan Naani who apparently is comfortable leading his life in the shadow of other's lives. One fails to understand how such a thing is possible but merely accepts this as one of the many afflictions that first time directors in Tollywood seem to be infected by. The core of the movie is how Naani rescues a runaway girl Madhavi Latha from the clutches of a brothel, and then befriends her before reuniting her with her father (Naseer in an impressive performance), not to mention winning her heart in the process. How does one orphan with no income or work to support him live so comfortably and does so many charitable things is beside the point and can simply be accepted as cinematic license. The rest of the movie is about how and why Madhavi Latha runs away from her home, the baddies she faces and defeats with Naani’s help and how they live happily ever after.

What is Good: Nothing really is worth classifying as good. I write this despite the presence of actors of the caliber of Brahmanandam and Naseer. But having said that Naseer’s performance as a father with a strict and pretentious mask which conceals a soft and vulnerable heart is rather impressive. So are the title song lyrics by Bashasri and a rather hummable melody by Shivaram Shanker. Beyond that there is very little to speak positively about the film. Brahmanandam’s comedy is decent but it has no bearing on how the film proceeds.

What is bad: This is one of the many movies where the screenplay and dialogues seem to have been hurriedly written in the sets itself. Within the first 40 minutes the director gives an impression that he has lost track of the film and confuses the viewer by giving away the hero and heroines flash back. Having given away the story, he tries to salvage it by introducing a senseless subplot of Naseer’s love interest played by Apoorva. He then messes it up totally by introducing the hero as the son of that love interest. At this point, you can hear derisive comments from the audiences asking what kind of a story is this where a daughter falls in love with her step-brother! It is that ridiculous. By the time the director clears this confusion, the movie has lost all meaning and interest for audiences. The songs, except for the title track are a complete waste of time. Madhavi Latha’s lack of height is a big drawback and the girl must lose weight if she wants to become a full fledged heroine.

Me Thinks: Give it a miss. You certainly have better movies playing at a theatre near you right now.

Tailpiece: Just when you thought that Tollywood has taken a turn for the better, Snehithudu reminds you that things actually have not changed much!! In fact , if anything they seem to have deteriorated.

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