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Updated at 1:32 PM

The movie reaches its climax as Sita unites with her mother, Bhoodevi. Superb visual effects. Movie ends with Balakrishna's appearance as Sri Maha Vishnu . Review will follow soon folks

Updated at 1:18 PM

Theater explodes with whistles and claps as Rama enters the battlefield in full fighting gear on a chariot

Updated at 1:15 PM

Fight erupts between Lava Kusha and Lakshmana. Nicely shot. Been a long time since we saw magic arrows flying from both sides and clashing in between. Nostalgia.

Updated at 1:02 PM

Scenes of Aswamedha Yagam. The movie should be inching closer to the climax now.

Updated at 12:42 PM

The movie proceeds with some powerful performances and gripping narration.Bapu's artistry makes it a pleasure to watch.

Updated at 12:35 PM

Ramayanamu Sri Ramayanamu" song is playing now. The set of Ayodhya is rich and colourful.

Updated at 12:00 PM

Interval! The first half sets up the story nicely with some very good visual effects, outstanding background score and a career best performance from Nayanatara.Balakrishna is outstanding in the devotional role.

Updated at 11:55 AM

Demulle Mecchindi song on as Lava and Kusha sing praises of Lord Rama and Sita. Ilayaraja's background score is excellent.

Updated at 11:45 AM

The kids who have played the Lava and Kusha characters are cute and adorable. Fine acting performance.

Updated at 11:25 AM

Roja comes in as Bhoodevi..Visual Effects are pretty good.

Updated at 11:15 AM

The story turns emotional with the exile of Sita to the forest. The song "Gali Ningi Neeru" is now on. Captures the sadness nicely

Updated at 11:00 AM

Brahmanandam and Jhansi come in as the washerman and his wife..The washerman who makes the comments against Sita

Updated at 10:45 AM

ANR makes his entry as Valmiki. He is regal as the wise and elderly Maharishi

Updated at 10:40 AM

Nayanatara is looking majestic as Sita. There is visual grandeur and Bapu mark picturization in every frame

Updated at 10:31 AM

Terrific opening sequence where Sri Rama and Sita are seen in the Pushpaka Vimanam. Jagadananda Taraka Song. Fabulous Visuals. Balayya is looking terrific as Lord Rama

Updated at 10:29 AM

The movie has just begun with a special dedication card to Mullapudi Venkataramana garu. Magnificent background score and title cards

Updated at 10:00 AM

We will be bringing live and exclusive updates from Sri Rama Rajyam shortly. So watch this space folks

Mahesh K.S
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