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Updated at 1:45 PM

No rama ends his stay on the earth too. And that's the end of it all,Watch out for our review.

Updated at 1:38 PM

Movie reaches a tragic point as sita leaves rama forever.Is it the climax?

Updated at 1:30 PM

It has come upto rama vs lava kusha now. Interesting conversation going on between them.

Updated at 1:24 PM

Story moving forward to action scenes now. Lot of animation involved.

Updated at 1:10 PM

Bapu manages to surprise with a snippet about Rama's interaction with Mandodari.

Updated at 1:00 PM

After every scene involving Sita's crying it is upto hanuman's character to lighten up the drama. This time hanuman sings the wonders of rama as a kid. Nicely done.

Updated at 12:44 PM

Lava kusha's songs reach ayodhya and rama. Magic of age old 'LAVAKUSHA' movie working yet again. this time mostly due to illayaraja's music. Audiences captured.

Updated at 12:34 PM

2nd half starts in ayodhya. Rama gets ready to do ashwamedha yagam.

Updated at 12:28 PM

Movie breaks into another song. This time as valmiki gives lavakusha 'special powers'.The song leads to interval. So far movie is colorful,and relies more on sita, hanuman & valmiki. For those who are used to age old telugu mythological movies. nothing new has been said or portrayed so far. However the latter half of 1st half begins to capture the audiences.

Updated at 12:14 PM

Lessons from Ramayana's characters make a special scene. The scene is followed by lavakusha's 1st song renedition of rama's story.

Updated at 12:05 PM

One more song takes the story few years forward. Kusha lava born, and just like that there is another song on a a discussion between valmiki and narada.

Updated at 11:51 AM

Another song now Colorfully done.

Updated at 11:51 AM

Nageshwara rao brings alive valmiki. Movie gathers more pace now.

Updated at 11:44 AM

Roja makes a decently done visual effects filled special entry as Bhoodevi.

Updated at 11:40 AM

More drama as Lakshmana leaves Sita. Illayanaraja shines with heartwrenching sarangi in the bg.

Updated at 11:33 AM

Another song now. Tragic one as Lakhmana takes Sita to leave her in the jungles.

Updated at 11:24 AM

Bapu's dramatization of Rama's conflict about sacrifising Sita now. A touch too melodramtic.

Updated at 11:18 AM

Enter Brahmanandam. He is the drunkard who blames Rama.

Updated at 11:10 AM

Background music is excellent in serious scenes.

Updated at 11:00 AM

And then one More song in the background. This one portrays the romantic side of Lord of Lord Rama.

Updated at 10:55 AM

Shlokas and bit songs flow as the movie moves. And then Nageshwara Rao enters

Updated at 10:50 AM

1st song right away. It all Starts right after rama returns to ayodhya from lanka. A simple sweet entry to Balakrishna and Nayanatara.

Updated at 10:50 AM

Movie Starts with Bapu pictures on titles

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