Teen Maar : Simple & Sweet Love Stories
Release date: 14 April 2011.
123Telugu.com Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Jayanth C Paranji
Producer : Ganesh Babu
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kruthi Kharbanda others...
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The complexity of urban relationships in modern times, especially of that of a boy and a girl, is difficult to talk about. On the outside they are extremely simple, and their problems could come across as laughable. But all one needs to do is look around, and each one of us will be in one such relationship. Things weren’t as complex, say a generation ago. Pawan Kalyan’s Teenmaar tries to compare two such love stories, of different times, without being too judgmental on either situations and does manage to be quite convincing.

Teen Maar What’s it about : In Cape Town (South Africa), Michael Velayudham (Pawan Kalyan) leads almost a playboyish life. He is an MBA graduate, works as a Chef in an Italian Restaurant, and would leave it only if he gets to work in Wall Street! Here he meets Meera (Trisha), an art restorer and who is as modern as Mike. Sparks fly, they spend some time together, and when Meera wants to go back to India, they break quite amicably, even though both cannot deny that there is ‘great connection’ between them. Seeing them celebrate their ‘break up’ Senapathy (Paresh Rawal) tells Mike a love story of his generation that features Arjun Palwai (also Pawan Kalyan) and Vasumathi (Kriti Karbanda). Arjun’s old fashioned love story – having silent looks, almost no talks and complete devotion inspite of this – is quite amusing for Mike. However, Arjun’s story slowly starts playing havoc with Mike as he comes to know that Meera is not just seeing another man, but also is all set to marry him! Together both these love stories tell us how times have changed but love seems to break social barriers, no matter how stigmatic they seem.

What is Good : Pawan Kalyan is terrific in both his roles. As the urban class playboy who can’t stop hugging girls, he is bubbling with loads and loads of positive energy and charishma. He sheds his general shyness and doesn’t mind being the one and only man amidst bikini clad girls on a beach. As the forthright Arjun of seventies, he is dynamic and stern. Trisha carries her role with élan. The girl definitely has hit a purple spot in her career as she seems to select her films, both in Tamil and Telugu with special care.

Paresh Rawal gives a restrained performance and so does Sonu Sood in his very small role. Ali’s role may seem minor in the scheme of things, but plays a very vital role of explaining a lot of things to audiences, though in the garb of humor. Inspite of having these amazing actors, what catches you off guard is the way conversations have been written and staged. But more about it later!

What is bad: The movie takes it takes its own sweet time to come to it core story, even though we have a narrator telling the story. The movie takes all of Pawan Kalyan’s class act to ensure that Trisha’s character graph doesn’t dip. However, even Pawan’s energy is not enough for us to notice that Kriti Karbanda’s make up could have been done better. Infact few scenes seem to have been overdone, few only added to cater to the star’s image, while few others leave gaps that need the audiences to understand them. However, on the whole, the key scenes towards the climax have been done with utmost care, with everything working in the film’s favor.

Technical Departments : Trivikram’s ‘conversations’ lives upto all their hype. He easily blends in strong reasoning with his own style of comedy; and with Pawan Kalyan’s act the conversations make full impact. Simply put, Trivikram’s words are the soul of the film. He should also be appreciated for etching a strong girl character, unlike his previous film heroines. Jayanan Vincent’s camera work plays an important role in the screenplay. Both the different periods in the film have been given unique textures, and with some neatly done editing, Teenmaaris a treat to watch. Songs have been done neatly, and after some gap, Mani Sharma’s songs are as good as his re-recording. Jayanth Paranji, may not be amongst the best directors of today’s Telugu Cinema, but he manages to make both these 'simpe-sweet'love stories work towards their happy endings.

Final Point : The urban Indian girl suffers more brickbats than her other counterparts, trying to fit in with modern times and maintain the classical Indian traditions. It seems only a section of people understand her and unfortunately they all are called ‘class types’. The success of this entire film depends on how Trisha’s character is received by the audiences. That said, because it’s a remake of a Hindi film Love Aaj Kal, Teenmaar had enough scope and time to make this character even more convincing to not just those ‘class types’. Guess we need more time, but Teenmaar is a movie in the right direction, with right amount of drama, comedy and romance. Watch it and don’t forget to take your partner along too!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3.25/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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