Thakita Thakita
Release date: 03 September 2010
123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5
Director : Srihari Nanu
Music Director : Bobo Sasi
Producer : Bharath Takur
Starring : Harsh Vardhan Rane, Haripriya, Trinetrudu and others...
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Yoga Guru Bharath Thakur and actor Bhumika Chawla left their safety zones to produce a movie they believe in. Srihari Nanu, after a bad start with ‘Satyabhama’, is trying to make a mark again. Eight new faces are looking for a head start to their careers in Telugu cinema. ‘Thakita Thakita’ has so many hearts wondering if they all will dance their way into Telugu cinema audiences’ hearts. 123telugu.com takes a look.

What’s it about: Nandini, Kishore, Mahesh, Scud, Bhakti, Jessica, Chandana and Sridhar are all friends from school. They all finish their final year exams, and try their level best to kick start their careers while they face some interesting situations in life.

Nandini and her senior Kishore are in love. But Nandini’s father hardly understands his kid's yearning for some lost prestige. Mahesh and Scud haven’t been on talking terms since years. Bhakti is a happy go lucky girl, or so it seems. Jessica, a foreign student, is trying to make it big in fashion in India, living as a guest with rich Chandana. Sridhar is in love with Chandana but doesn’t want to express it to her before he settles down in life. And then there is Dakshayini, who is bent on stealing Sridhar from Chandana.

The film covers the coming of age of all these friends, as they try to solve a Rubik’s cube called life! It also covers lot of issues like acid attacks on girls, suicides, misunderstandings, false prestige and so on.

What is Good: Haripriya, who plays the role of Chandana did an excellent job. She is the only one who has previous experience in acting (she acted in one or two Kannada films) and she will get more offers her way! Everything about her eyes, expressions and body language are spot on.

Harshavardhan, who plays Sridhar, did try his best, and will surely improve. Almost all other characters have a defined individuality. The attempt to bring in cases of suicides, acid attacks, and change should be appreciated.

The girls Bhakti (Bhakti), Aditi (Nandini), and Eva (Jessica) look chick. Bhumika Chawla looks like she has just walked out of the sets of ‘Yuvakudu’ or ‘Khushi’. She doesn’t seem to get aged at all! The music and cinematography make a steady impact.

What is bad: The first half is dedicated only to establish the characters and their ambitions. Very soon too much of importance is given to only one pair, while the rest become sidekicks. The entire ‘Bangalore flashback’ works only to pull the audiences back to the seats in the second half. Jessica’s character is half cooked, and so is Dakshayini’s! However the film gets some movement with the flashback episode, when Bhumika Chawla is around.

The story deals with lot of issues, sometimes going overboard with the ‘giving lessons’ part. By the time almost all characters reach their happy endings, we are bored with what’s happening!

Technical Departments: : Songs compositions by Bobo Shashi are wonderful. His songs aided by K.K.Senthil’s excellent work keep the audiences entertained at regular intervals. Kona Venkat’s dialogues are fine, but they don’t necessarily impress all the time. Marthand’s editing wavers from being jerky to excellent. The biggest problem however is with the screenplay, which never clearly defines the film’s USP.

Final Point: The director doesn’t just use Rubik’s cube as a plot tool, but also uses special guest roles by Nagarjuna and Anushka for the same purposes. Connecting emotionally with anyone of the lead characters and understanding their problems could have been more involving. Looking at all the stories as an outsider limits the audiences’ perspective. The destiny of ‘Thakita Thakita’ depends on whether the audiences will like to be the outsiders watching the film or rather stay outside the theater.

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123Telugu.com Rating :3/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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