Veedokkade - Surya’s Show All The Way
Release date: 01 May 2009
123Telugu.com Rating: 4/5
Director : KV Anand
Music Director : Harris Jairaj
Producer : M Saravanan, MS Guhan
Starring : Surya, Tamanna...
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Surya is the best part of Veeduokkade as well as the only reason you would be to watching this flick in the first place. This extremely good-looking actor proves once again that he is a powerhouse of talent with his acting, dancing and fighting skills in this entertaining story.

What is it about : Veeduokkade is about Deva (Surya), who despite his M Sc in computers, prefers to work with Dass (Prabhu)who smuggles everything from pirated movie CDs to gold biscuits to blood diamonds from across the world. Deva uses his street-smart intelligence to come up with innovative ways to pull off these successful smuggling missions while frustrating the cops and custom officials. Very soon, they have a bitter rivalry with the ambitious Kamlesh who plays dirty while ignoring the all important principle of “Honor Amongst Thieves”!!! Yamuna (Tamanna) plays the love interest of Surya while her brother tries to double-cross Dass for Kamlesh. The rest of the movie is about how Deva and Kamlesh try to outwit each other in a story that spans from Chennai to Congo to Kuala Lumpur with no points for guessing who is left as the Veeduokkade (the only one)!!!

What is Good: Surya proves his acting caliber once again with his portrayal of an intelligent tough crook and the vulnerable lover-boy. He packs a quite a punch in the action scenes while convincingly donning various get-ups while not over-shadowing the rest of the cast. Apart from Surya, Prabhu puts in an impressive performance as the father-figure while Tamanna provides the glamour quotient. The production values of the movie are first rate with good camerawork, colorful songs and high-adrenaline fight sequences. One action sequence set in Congo has Surya chasing & fighting a bunch of goons across lanes, buildings and rooftops. The action in this scene leaves you breathless with its execution and energy!!!

What is bad: The main thing going against the movie is the second half which is slow. The peppy first half builds up an expectation of some fast-paced action as the story progresses…but unfortunately the second half decides to drag its feet with some badly timed songs and fights leading to tame climax. It could have been reduced by atleast 20 mins to keep the interest up.

Me Thinks:Despite the slow second-half, the movie as a whole retains your interest and keeps you entertained till the end. This is a total time-pass entertainer worth spending on the ticket and popcorn!

Tailpiece: Some parts of the story set in Congo remind you of the Hollywood flick Blood Diamond due to the locales and blood diamonds!

- Aks   
123Telugu.com Rating : 4/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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