Vinayakudu : Big Fat CUTE Love Story !!!
Release date: 21st, Nov 2008
123Telugu.com Rating: 3/5
Director : Sai Kiran Adivi (debut)
Music Director : Sam Prasan
Producer : Smt. Saritha Patra
Starring : Krishnudu, Sonia, Suryateja, Jyothi, Adarsh, Muralikrishna and others...
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Vinayakudu is film tailor-made for a multiplex audience with other examples being Astha Chamma, Ankit, Pallavi & Friends, and Call Centre. It’s the latest entrant to the genre that caters to a complete urban audience with elements ranging from the language , snippets of corporate life, scenes set in popular city hang-outs and most importantly “regular’ people who can’t dance & fight at the drop of a hat. Vinayakudu is a brave attempt in this direction of trying to be different but somehow does not pack a required the punch and hence ends up as just a cute entertainer.

What is it about : Krishnudu is happy go lucky guy who lands up in Hyderabad to work for an advertising agency where he promptly flips for his colleague Sonia on day one. While Krishnudu is a sweet, innocent small town boy who doesn’t let anything bother him including his obesity and his love for food, Sonia is a hot-headed independent girl who likes to have the final say in everything. After the initial misunderstandings, they end up as close friends despite Krishnudu’s one-sided love towards Sonia who is interested in a different guy. A series of incidents make Sonia realize Krishnudu’s genuine love for her and she ends up on her knees proposing to him and they hopefully live happily ever after. Poonam Kaur plays Sonia’s best friend and chilled-out roomie who has a parallel love story with Krishnudu’s best friend

What is Good: The characters in the movie are quite endearing. Be it the hot-headed Sonia who is the biggest draw in the movie or Krishnudu as the innocent do-gooder, they do not become larger-than-life as superheroes. Poonam Kaur is the surprise package in her performance as the cute best friend. The movie moves at an even pace with the no major twists and with the emotional pieces coming in the second-half. The entire movie is shot in Hyderabad which gives it a local flavor.

What is bad: At times, the movie gives you the feel of a television serial due to a lack of technical finesse. Some of the supporting casts in minor roles come up with some really bad acting. There is an unwanted sub-plot of an office casanova who suddenly disappears mid-way. The music is nothing to rave about except for one song “Hai Hi Hyderabad”.

Me Thinks: A timepass movie that can be watched once. It is definitely not in the league of an Astha Chamma but nevertheless a brave attempt to make a movie without the masala elements and big stars.

Tailpiece: Despite the many opportunities available in the form of a fat hero, there are hardly any tasteless jokes or stereotypes about fat people in the movie which is highly commendable!!!

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123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
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