Yamudu : ‘Yama’ fight ‘veerudu’
Release date: 2nd July 2010
123Telugu.com Rating: 2.5/5
Director : Hari
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Producer : K E Gnanavel
Starring : Surya, Anushka, Prakash Raj and others...
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Surya is a terrific actor. His intensity is spoken by the likes of Ramgopal Varma, his dances are matched by best of the lot, his smile makes girls drool, and his dialogue delivery is powerful. All he needs a film to do that! ‘Yamudu’, dubbed version of Tamil super hit ‘Singam’ is one such film. Continue reading more about it!

What’s It About: Narasimha is a Sub-Inspector at Rajolu, East Godavari. He is a good cop, settles family feuds in the village with due respect and punishes cops with powerful fights. He is predominantly a guy who loves his family. Purushottam, is a real estate goonda in Vizag, who earns money through extortion, and unknown to the world, through kidnapping. With a twist of misdeeds to his name, Purushottam is forced to go to Rajolu, where his attitude makes him collide with the straightforward cop. As Surya rises in cadre, their enmity grows into a full blown war between the two. How it happens and how it ends is the story of ‘Yamudu’, and of course there is a love story between Narasimha and Kavya!

What is Good: The film completely belongs to Surya who excels as Narasimha. From the beginning to the end, the script, the dialogues, the song and dances, the fights are tailor made for him to just come and perform.

Prakash Raj excels in another role as the villain. He too, like the hero of the film is given equal mileage and elevates Surya’s character!

Anushka as the love interest of the Surya does good job. Her acting skills are pretty evident, and she has more than just songs and dance sequences.

Though the film is a completely straight narration, the way each separate thread comes and merges to the climax is an interesting way of dealing with a screenplay. And yes there are few scenes that evoke good laughter. The shift from rural atmosphere to the urban, and the clever leads to the climax are the highpoints of ‘Yamudu’.

What is bad: Like most Tamil pot boilers, this film too is a bit too loud for our comfort. It drags long because of atleast one or two unnecessary fights, too many unnecessary comedy situations and atleast one song! The parts done by people like Nazar, Nilalgal Ravi, Manorama etc. could have easily been done by anyone else. The way the stuntmen keep flying off or falling on furniture, one wonders how much percentage of the film’s budget was catered in shooting them! What really works against ‘Yamudu’ is that its good parts are just good and the bad parts are really bad and predictable!

Technical Departments: Devisri Prasad is a master in using percussion instruments, and he uses them to get the mass beat going. Songs are shot well and sing-able too! Fights are good, and the wire removal team should be appreciated for their touchups. V.T.Vijayan’s editing is fast and complements the pace of the movie. The angles used to capture Surya’s histrionics are outstanding, as they keep elevating him each time as the hero of the film. Priyan’s cinematography in fighting scenes is worth watching too.

Final Point: As mentioned earlier Surya is a wonderful actor. Director Hari should be lauded for keeping his target audience in mind all the time, and catering to them almost in every scene. Taking the movie from rural set up to urban set up and then finishing it off on a completely different climax is the basic outline of the setting of the film. It’s a thorough action entertainer and no wonder this movie is a huge hit in Tamil Nadu. However, Telugu people are used to high quality comedy and it is this part and few predictable situations that bores us in ‘Yamudu’. Watch it for Surya, or if you love some thumping action sequences.


123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5

Legend:    5 - Flawless
                4 - Must Watch
                3 - One Time Watch
                2 - Wait for the DVD
                1 - Stay Away
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