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12 April 2011, Hyderabad.

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Film Director Sukumar and Music Director Devisri Prasad together gave decent albums previously. They team up again for 100% Love. Will they strike the bull’s eye yet again?

1. Infatuation
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Harini

100% LoveDevisri Prasad is one guy who knows how to start your album, and when he gets together with someone as talented as Adnan Sami – you are in for a nice surprise. Infatuation is definitely a surprise tune, amazingly sung, almost undone by its average lyrics. The solo South Indian violin performance of the song is the soul of the song; the variety comes with the way Devisri rallies his percussion instruments – both western and Indian. A good start to the album!

2. Thiru Thiru
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Harini

100% LoveThe best thing about having a singer like Harini is that she makes even a complicatedly done tune sound very simple and likeable. Thiru Thiru is such kind of a number and yet it is extremely funny provided you don’t skip the song as it sounds like more like a Carnatic performance. The song is about a girl who is too afraid about her college subjects, and is pleading God to bless her with few impossible things! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the song is great, but it definitely seems to give the movie director lot of scope to visualize it interestingly.

3.Aho Balu
Lyrics: Shree Mani
Singer: Ranjith, Sri Charan

100% LoveIn complete contrast to the previous one Aho Balu sounds fully ‘electronic’. Shree Mani’s lyrics are catchy, mostly aimed at students in their teens, but definitely pack some inspiring stuff in it. Probably, if Aho Balu had little more pace, it has everything to be a college anthem. One could say that the song on the whole is pretty plain, but Devisri Prasad interlaces it with some entertaining and dance-able beats.

4.A Square B Square
Lyrics: Shree Mani
Singer: Devisri Prasad

100% LoveA Square B Square has DSP singing a pretty fast and tiny number. The song, without its visuals, definitely sounds meaningless, even though it has been mixed terrifically. DSP’s voice doesn’t add much too. On the whole the one good thing about the song is its length – it is very short.

5. Dooram Dooram
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Tippu

100% LoveAfter an uninspiring number, Devisri Prasad manages to get your attention right away. Dooram Dooram is slow tragic number, filled with Chandrabose’s brilliant word play. The lyric is definitely taken to another level with Tippu, who uses his voice variations nicely. This is easily the best song so far in the album – in terms of overall contributions from the composer, writer and singer. Devisri keeps the song simple and it works.

6.A Square B Square
Lyrics: Shree Mani
Singer: Swathi

100% LoveEven though this number is a duplicate of the previously heard male version, the lyrics seem to make more meaning here. Add to this Swathi’s (of Ashta Chamma fame) voice, which brings a new dimension to the song. Now this one is not a ‘great’ rendition, but her performance has enough energy to hold your attention. How ‘small changes’ make a lot of difference!

7.That is Mahalakshmi
Lyrics: Shree Mani, Dev (Rap)
Singer: Richard

100% LoveBolstered with electric guitars and a very ‘foreign’ sounding voice That is Malalakshmi is an interesting number. Obviously it is a ‘heroine praising’ song that isn’t too uncommon in our movies. The English Rap is done with certain dynamism and Devisri comes up with ammunition of string instruments to give the required punch to the song, towards its end.

8.Diyalo Diyala
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Priya Hemesh, Murali

100% LoveRight at the start of this song, you know you are in for a ‘item number’. Inspite of very ‘Hawaiian’ beat, the lyrics are as arguably embarrassing as any other ‘popular’ item numbers from Devisri Prasad and Sukumar’s earlier films. Be careful about who you have in company when you listening to this song. Without the lyrics, the music individually is heart thumping.

On the whole 100% Love has got a very appealing mix of numbers even though it doesn’t have a proper love song. The first three songs, along with Swathi’s number definitely deserve mention. While the newness is quite appreciable, it seems the album will take some time to sink in, having only college going students as its main target.


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