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Audio Review: Brindaavanam - Jr.NTR - Thaman Dance Special

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16 September 2010, Hyderabad.

The audio of ‘Brindaavanam’ was released recently. Music Director Thaman got a terrific exposure with his second film ‘Kick’ but failed to sustain the success. Director Vamsi Paidipally proved his sense of music with ‘Munna’. In their combination, knowing that ‘Brindaavanam’ has a terrific dancer like Jr.NTR at the helm, the music for this film is expected to be a chart buster. 123telugu.com listens the audio for you!


1. Theme of the Hero
Singers: Geetha Madhuri, Rita and Ramya
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

BrindavanamElectric Guitars give an electrifying start to the album. However it is the voice of Geeta Madhuri, Rita and Ramya that adds to the fun of this short and clever track. A hero’s theme, that too for someone like Jr.NTR better be good, and this one is bang on target.


2. Yuvakula
Singers: Remo Fernandez, Ranjith and Revathi
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

BrindavanamHow long has it been that you’ve listened to Remo. Three things that his voice guarantees is energy, velocity and more energy! The lyrics could have been better, but who cares about the words for a college track . Imagine Jr.NTR dancing for this extremely fast number, with a drum solo in the middle! Expect a delight fans, this number is going to test the dancing skills of Jr.NTR, and also of his dance master! Thaman acted as a drummer in the film ‘Boys’. He lives the act here, mixing it up extremely well with fast rock and techno beat. Terrific!


3. Eyi Raaja
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Goshal
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

BrindavanamStarts off soulfully, and then an electric guitar picks up the tempo, volume and the overall feel of the track. The best part of the track is the voices of girls with the lead voice of Shreya Goshal. Shankar Mahadevan gives this number a good feel for a Telugu song, almost after a long time. It sounds modern, a touch western but here’s the surprise – it a pure village mass number. Good lyrics, irrespective of how much they elevate the hero, make any track listenable, and this one’s got energetic beat to it. Thaman’s percussion will ensure that you end up tapping your feet while listening to this song. However it is the violins that give the much needed integrity to the track and then it ends soulfully. Clearly a winner this song! Don’t forget to replay it and catch the sound of Sarangi amidst the songs, violins and thumping drums!


4. Nijamena
Singers: Karthik, Suchitra
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

BrindavanamSinger Karthik’s got this specialty – he starts off as he is just any other singer, and that’s where he catches you off guard. At the end of this track, it becomes impossible to imagine the track without him! Suchitra’s voice is husky, sensuous and likeable. The radio jockey knows how to handle her voice. She has given her voice to someone like Namitha and sung songs like ‘Dole Dole’ for ‘Pokiri’. Nothing wrong with Anath Sriram’s lyrics, probably more syllables would have made this duet even more interesting. This one is shot at Mannlichen, Switzerland. The visuals will make the song memorable for sure.


5. Vachchadu Raa
Singers: Music Director Koti, Music Director M.M.Keeravani, Ranjith and K.K.
Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry

BrindavanamThaman takes the percussions from the title song of the film ‘Mallee Mallee’ and uses it to compete with the energy of the biggest singing coup managed for a Telugu film – M.M.Keeravani and Koti lend their voices to this track! This track is a family song, and it is obvious that it will feature the likes of Prakash Raj, Srihari along with Jr.NTR apart from a plethora of character artists and dancers.

Looks like Thaman learnt something from his earlier failures – never to stop short of adding soul to any track . It shows, matching with Ramjogayya Sastry’s lyrics. For your information the singer crooning in the highest pitch is not KK, but Koti!


6. Oopiraage
Singers: Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry

BrindavanamRahul Nambiar croons this high pitched and a touch fast paced tragedy number. Rahul’s voice so far has been used in positive songs, atleast in Telugu. This one is an experiment, in which the artist sings his soul out. However it is Thaman’s instrumentation that doesn’t allow music to give the emotion required. All this just when we thought Thaman learnt his lessons. May be the director wanted it that way!


7. Chinnado

Singers: Savitri, B.Vasantha, Sukhwindra Singh, Muralidhar, Geeta Madhuri and Baba Sehgal
Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

BrindavanamSinger Muralidhar must truly be blessed. He reminds us of singer A.M.Rajah for a second before the girls take it away from us. The song is ‘Brindaavanam adi andaridi’ from the great NTR’s film ‘Missamma’. Added in this yet again fast beat mass number the song is used with a slight variation. Sukhwindra Singh makes this song thoroughly enjoyable with slight variations from Baba Sehgal. The lyrics are just an excuse to create this thoroughly, out and out ‘yama’ mass number. The lyrics are - Chinnado vaipu, peddado vaipu...’ You get it already don’t you?


8. Mojaarey
Singers: Baba Sehgal, Ranjith and Nikitha Nigam
Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

As the name suggests the tune of the song is in the lines of sensational hit number ‘Mauja Re Mauja’ from ‘Jab We Met’. It is Baba Sehgal’s voice that makes this song thoroughly enjoyable, and it is purely made for someone like Jr.NTR to showcase his dancing skills. It’s got Baba Sehgal singing in Hindi just reiterating that it is pure dance and fun song.

Final Call:
Overall the songs of Brindaavanam are fast, most of them soulful, enjoyable and a touch catering to the lovers of mass numbers. Most Telugu music directors have been going the Rahman way focusing on a fast beat while the song is slow. This album is an exception, where the songs are as fast as they can get. Thaman manages to keep everyone interested with his tunes, inspite of the pressure to cater to dance needs of Jr.NTR.

Jr.NTR must have had tough time dancing, especially for the second song in the album ‘Yuvakula’ which will be tiresome even if you are foot tapping, leave alone dancing. The album is a surprise for many, and the best part is Thaman will have another hit after ‘Kick’.


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