Review : IPC Section : Bharya Bandhu – Good opportunity gone wasted

Release date : June 29, 2018 Rating : 2/5

Starring : Sharath Chandra, Nehadesh Pande

Director : Rettadi Srinivas

Producer : Alluri Sambashiva Rao

Music Director : Vijay Kurakula

Cinematographer : Shayam

Editor : Mahindranath

Along with half a dozen small films, yet another film titled IPC Section Bharya Bandhu has also hit the screens yesterday. Let’s see how it is.


Vinayak Rao (Sarraschandra) a popular Lawyer drops a petition against IPC section 498a Bharya Bandhu and fights for the change in its amendments. Why is he against this particular section? Is there any specific backstory behind it? Will he succeed in bringing the required changes in this Bharya Bandhu Act? To know this, you have to watch the film in theaters.

Plus Points:

One of the basic plus points of the film is its storyline which is related to constitutional amendments. Director Rettadi Srinivas should be appreciated for coming up with this kind of a unique plot. A few scenes on how wives are misusing this Bharya Bandhu Section and harassing husbands are showcased in a realistic manner.

How married couples are getting separated for very silly issues in this present generation is exposed nicely. Hero Sarraschandra is decent as a Lawyer. Looks wise, Neha Deshpande is cute and has a good screen presence.

Minus Points:

Though the director has come up with a socially related storyline, he failed in narrating it in an interesting manner. Too many cinematic liberties sidetrack the main theme of the film and test the patience of the audience.

After a few interesting opening shots, many unwanted and illogic scenes keep coming in till the interval. Soon after revealing the main plot, everyone expects a decent latter half but sadly, the director completely misuses the opportunity with some lackluster narration till the end. Crucial court argument scenes are also not executed properly.

Technical Aspects:

As above said, director Rettadi Srinivas has come up with a useful storyline but failed in executing it in an interesting manner. If he would have taken a little care on execution part, the result would have been surely better. Editing work by Mahendranath is not up to the mark as many unwanted scenes in both the halves can be chopped off easily. Cinematography by Shyam is decent. Music by Vijay Kurakula is just okay. Production values for this low budget film are good.


On the whole, IPC Section Bharya Bandhu has a meaningful storyline for which director Rettadi Srinivas should be appreciated. But his narration is a total failure till the end. Too many cinematic liberties and unwanted scenes dilute the film’s core point making it a boring watch this weekend. Rating : 2/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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