Review : Case no 666/2013 – Unique but botched attempt
Case-No.-666-Movie-Posters Release date: 31 Jan 2013 Rating : 1.5/5
Director : Venkat Siddareddy , Purnesh Konathala
Producer : Ashok Babu
Music Director : Ethiraj, Shyamal
Starring : Charan Tej, Aditya, Nanda Kishore, Guru Charan, Anurag, Nikitha

Case no 666/2013 is a unique new attempt for Telugu cinema and the movie falls into the ‘found footage’ genre. Directed by Venkat Siddareddy, the film has Nanda Kishore in the lead role. Ashok Babu is the producer of this flick. Case no 666/2013 has released today. So let us see how it is.

Story :

Bhaskar, Chaitanya and Durga are three friends who stay together in Hyderabad. They soon become friends with Ramesh, who moves in as a neighbour. During one drinking session, the topic shifts to ghosts and their existence. A passionate debate breaks out and Ramesh insists that he has seen ghosts in real life.

To prove his point, Ramesh places a bet with Bhaskar, Chaitanya and Durga and takes them to a lonely guest house in the Narsapur Forest. On the way, a guy called Anand joins their gang. Once Anand comes in, strange things start happening and people go missing.

The police officials are called in to investigate certain things and all they have is some footage shot on cameras to go by. Who is Anand? Does Ramesh win the bet and prove the existence of ghosts? That forms the story of this movie.

Plus Points :

This is a new kind of cinema for our Industry and the effort to come up with something new must be applauded. The interval block is nice and has good surprise value. There are some genuinely scary scenes in the second half. Background music for these scenes is good.

The actors who have portrayed the characters of Anand, Durga and Veena have done a neat job.

Minus Points :

The first half of this movie is a big letdown. Horror thrillers need riveting pace to keep viewers involved and this movie does not have that. Screenplay is not good enough to keep the interest intact.

The movie turns predictable in the second half and viewers can start guessing the events as they unfold.

The climax has been poorly executed and there are some loopholes in the storyline.

The director has concentrated on coming up with unique camera angles for the film, but their placement does not enhance the story in any way. Unique camera placement becomes a bonus only when it gels with the feel of the narration.

For regular entertainment seeking movie lovers, this film will end up as a damp squib.

Technical Aspects :

The cinematography is decent and suits the genre well. But it won’t be easy for most moviegoers to appreciate. Editing is poor and care should have been taken in the first half. Ethiraj and Shyama’s background score is good and is a big plus point for the movie.

The director has tried something novel here. But he should have invested more time over the script and screenplay

Verdict :

If you are interested in the academic aspects of Telugu cinema, you may try watching this movie with absolutely zero expectations. If you are an entertainment seeking moviegoer, you will be disappointed with this flick. It is a unique attempt, but the execution has been botched.

123telugu rating – 1.5/5

Telugu Review by Raghava

(Tanslated by Emmess)

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