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Review – Prema Oka Maikam – Utter Trash
Prema_Oka_Maikam_Enlish_Review Release date : 30 August 2013 Rating : 1/5
Director : Chandu
Producer : Srikanth Surya, Venkata Suresh
Music Director : MGK Praveen
Starring : Charmme

The film ‘Prema oka Maikam’ has released today in Andhra Pradesh. Chandu of ’10th Class fame’ has directed the movie. Charmme has played a crucial role in this movies. Rahul (Happy Days Tyson) and Saranya Nag are the lead actors. The movie has been produced by Srikanth Surya and Venkata Suresh.

Story :

Mallika (Charmme) is a high class call girl. She lives life on her terms and does not care about what others think or say. One night, she accidentally mows down Lalith (Rahul) as he is about to cross the road. She quickly takes him into a hospital owned by her friend Vamshi (Rao Ramesh) but Lalith loses his eyes.

Lalith is a budding writer and he comes across as a very nice guy. Mallika takes him to her house and starts looking after him. While interacting with Lalith, Mallika realises that there is more to life than money and luxury.

She also comes to know about his tragic love story involving singer Swathi (Saranya Nag). Mallika decides to help Lalith and she takes a drastic decision to restore his eyesight. What is that decision? What happens to the love story involving Lalith and Swathi? That is what ‘Prema oka Maikam’ is all about.

Plus Points :

Shankar, who is becoming popular these days for his imitation of Ram Gopal Varma, entertains viewers for a few minutes in the second half and this is the only positive aspect of the movie. Charmme looks ok in a few scenes. Saranya looks decent.

Minus Points :

In a jar full of sand, it is tough to identify and select any one particular sand grain. Trying to identify and write about the flaws in this film is a very similar exercise. However, let us limit ourselves to a few.

From a technical perspective, this has to be one of the most pathetically made films in recent times. Many short films and small budget productions have better technical values than this movie. Charmme has what can only be termed as an extended guest role. The movie was promoted as Charmme’s ‘Prema Oka Maikam’. But in reality, her role is very limited and she is hardly seen in the second half.

Rahul’s performance is really bad. He looks very uncomfortable when it comes to showing emotions on his face. Surekha Vani and Chandra Mohan have been wasted. Rao Ramesh is seen in yet another insignificant role.

There is no logical flow to the story. The director tried to handle too many themes at once and he ended up making a big mess out of everything. The love story between Rahul and Saranya is a joke.

There is one fellow who is introduced as a Ganjai Don. He is supposed to be a villain but he looks comical.

Technical Aspects :

V. Nagi Reddy seems to have played ‘Inky Pinky Ponky’ while editing this movie and he ended up making the viewer a ‘Donkey’. Scenes and sequences are selected at random and placed in the stupidest of orders. Praveen’s cinematography is atrocious. DI work is next to zero. Re-recording is a joke. It is out of sync with the scenes. I wonder if they even bothered with DTS mixing.

Chandu’s direction is surprisingly poor.This is not what people expect from someone who came up with a film like ’10th Class’. Dialogues are very average.

Verdict :

Point No. 1 – Charmme is not the lead actress in the film. Point No. 2 – The film is unbearably bad. If you are still in some sort of ‘Maikam’, then you may go ahead and see this movie called ‘Prema Oka Maikam’. Rating – 1/5

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru



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