Box office report

Photo : Antham
Antham : After raising the excitement levels with a sensuous trailer which majorly banked on Rashmi Gautam's glamour treat, the low budget suspense thriller Antham released on July 7 to a lukewarm response. Critics and audiences gave the film a big thumbs down and the film registered average collections in most of the screens.

No 4th position at the box office.
In this botched up thriller, short and crisp runtime comes across as the major plus. Sudharshan's comedy and Rashmi's presence too work in the film's favour to an extent. The first ten minutes and the remix song which showcases Rashmi's glamour have been shot well.
Antham largely suffers from its stale script. Thrillers like these should have strong emotions and a riveting screenplay but the director fails in aspects. The makers misled the audience by promoting the film as an erotic thriller but Rashmi is barely seen in the film.

A Centers : Average Start
B Centers : Average Start
C Centers : Average Start
Verdict : Average Start

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