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Birthday Special – Famous Rajinikanth jokes

Rajinikanth performs incredible and unbelievable stunts on screen, with a charismatic smile on his face, and we love him for it. Fans go wild when he bashes the goondas into oblivion or stylishly pops a cigarette into his mouth. Because of his legendary screen presence and stardom, some jokes have started becoming extremely popular on the internet in recent years – as a tribute to the man. Here are a few funny ones we noticed in forums and fans communities. (Note : these are intended as a tribute to Rajinikanth and not an attempt to degrade him in any way. These are not our creation. We are merely reproducing popular jokes)

Rajinikanth can answer a missed call

Govt. of India pays tax to Rajinikanth

NASA’s rocket engine has been copied from Rajinikanth’s motorcycle 

Rajinikanth’s email id is gmail@rajinikanth.com

If you say ‘No one is perfect’, Rajinikanth takes this as a personal insult.

Rajinikanth can make onions cry

Even Gajini remembers Rajini

The missing piece in Apple’s logo was eaten by Rajinikanth

Whenever Rajinikanth makes a mistake, its a new invention

Superman, Spiderman and Batman visit Rajini’s house on Teacher’s Day

Santa Claus takes a gift from Rajinikanth every Christmas

Rajinikanth was given the lead role in ‘Mission Impossible’, but he found the title insulting.

Twitter follows Rakinikanth

Rajinikanth can kill a Living Room

When do earthquakes occur? When Rajnikanth’s mobile is on vibration mode!

Rajinikanth travels faster than the speed of light


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