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Updated at 09:31PM

That brings us to the end of the function. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Keep visiting

Updated at 09:30PM

Mahesh Babu " I thank my Dookudu team and I am happy they are here. It was pleasure working with Puri. Movie wrapped up in lightning speed. Thaman has given me a great album. Kajal has been an amazing costar. I thank all the technicians of this movie"

Updated at 09:20PM

Sudheer Babu " I want to wish the entire team of Businessman the very best. Songs are rocking"

Updated at 09:17PM

Sreenu Vytla "Thanks to Mahesh Babu and fans for giving me a blockbuster. Trailers look fantastic. I think Businessman will rock. Kajal is looking gorgeous. I am eagerly awaiting the release"

Updated at 09:15PM

Kajal is speaking " A big congrats to Thaman for the music. It has been great working with Mahesh and Puri" Shwetha Bharadwaj " I would like to thank Puri for giving me an opportunity to work for this movie"

Updated at 09:12PM

The formal audio launch of Businessman Audio in Telugu is happening now.. Mahesh Babu and other guests are making their way onto the stage

Updated at 09:10PM

A special video clip with snippets of the songs are being shown..Mahesh Babu and Kajal are looking stunning A video of Mahesh Babu singing the song along with Puri is being shown..

Updated at 09:02PM

We love Bad Boys is being performed again on stage..This time, the singers have taken the stage

Updated at 08:58PM

Thaman and suchitra are performing 'Sir Osthara' on stage.. Crowds are going wild

Updated at 08:54PM

Shwetha Bharadwaj is performing a terrific dance number 'Bad Boys'

Updated at 08:50PM

Businessman title track is now being performed on stage in Telugu. Thaman, Rahul Nambiar and gang are performing

Updated at 08:43PM

Dil Raju is now interviewing Jagan with some hilarious questions..

Updated at 08:40PM

Now the interview session has shifted to Kajal. Hilarious interview session going on..Awesome entertainment being provided by Puri

Updated at 08:30PM

Puri Jagan is entertaining the guests with a hilarious interview of Mahesh Babu..Awesome responses from Mahesh..Everyone is laughing heartily and enjoying the proceedings

Updated at 08:29PM

Mahesh Babu is being interviewed by Puri Jagan in a humorous way. Mahesh Babu says that his pet name in his house is Nani. Namratha calls him Baby

Updated at 08:28PM

Puri Jagan has just delivered a fantastic joke about the various heroes of Telugu Industry. Nicely done and tasteful

Updated at 08:24PM

Mahesh Babu,Sreenu Vytla, Puri Jagan, and other guests are on stage. The audio launch of the Telugu version of Businessman is going to take place now

Updated at 08:12PM

A special clipping about the charitable activities of R.R.Movie Makers is currently being played

Updated at 08:06PM

Dr.Ramanaidu is speaking on stage. "I want Businessman to become a major success." .. Rajamouli is speaking now "My wife always tells me to go and learn the art of quick film making from Jagan. I want to join Jagan as an assistant director for two days. I hope Mahesh achieves super box office market in all of south India. I will do a movie with Mahesh for sure"

Updated at 07:54PM

Mumaith Khan is performing the Malayalam Version of 'sir osthaara' song on stage. Huge response from the crowd. Good to have you on stage Mumaith

Updated at 07:45PM

Rahul Nambiar is on stage to perform the Malayalam version of the 'Pilla Chav' song

Updated at 07:38PM

Krishna garu is speaking on stage. He has expressed his wish that Businessman should cross 150 Crores in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam together.

Updated at 07:28PM

Mahesh Babu, Krishna, Puri Jagan, Kajal, Thaman and other guests have come onto the stage. The audio launch of Businessman's Tamil Version is going on now.

Updated at 07:25PM

Mahesh Babu has come in!!!! Theater explodes with whistles and cheers..Namrata has accompanied him.. Mahesh is looking superb.

Updated at 07:23PM

Special Audio Visual of Super Star Krishna and Mahesh Babu is being played on screen

Updated at 07:18PM

Shwetha Basu Prasad and team are on stage to perform for the Tamil version of 'Pilla Chav'

Updated at 07:12PM

Superstar Krishna garu and Vijaya Nirmala have come in and they are being greeted with some wild cheers from the fans

Updated at 07:10PM

Kajal Aggarwal is here..She is looking stunning in Red.. Nisha has accompanied her.. Sreenu Vytla and Mrs. Vytla has also come in

Updated at 07:09PM

S.S. Rajamouli has come in as well as BVSN Prasad, Gemini Kiran and other guests. Chandamama Song has been released in Tamil and is being performed on screen

Updated at 07:05PM

Suma is going into the crowds to take their opinion about Businessman's trailers and Expectations..The first song of Businessman is going to be released in Tamil!

Updated at 06:52PM

Clippings of Mahesh Babu's fans and their reactions are being aired along with snippets of Mahesh Babu's Businessman..Fans are going wild with delight

Updated at 06:50 PM

Suma is anchoring the event and the function has begun

Updated at 06:41 PM

Nasser has made his way in. Audio launch in three different languages simultaneously, so media members of all three film circuits are here.

Updated at 06:33 PM

Thaman has just entered the venue along with his friends. Guests are making their way in one by one. Function will begin shortly

Updated at 06:21 PM

Puri Jagan has just entered the venue and he is being greeted with wild cheers from the crowd

Updated at 06:00 PM

The stage looks lovely. Fabulous lighting and LED screen arrangement. Fans are enjoying the electric atmosphere. Sanjay Swaroop, Brother-in-law of Mahesh Babu has arrived

Updated at 05:52 PM

The venue is filling up gradually. Huge crowds outside the venue are trying to make their way in..Producers Atchi Reddy and Suresh Reddy are in. Hit songs of Mahesh Babu are being played

Updated at 05:35 PM

Hello Folks..We are going to bring you live updates from the audio launch venue of Prince Mahesh Babu's Businessman.. We are at the venue..keep watching for the updates

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