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Updated at 11:44 AM

Climax!! The Panjaa title is on now with some rocking dances from Pawan. The best song has been reserved for the very end. Review will follow soon folks.

Updated at 11:40 AM

Movie is heading towards the climax. Pawan is hunting his enemies one by one. Fights have been shot very well.

Updated at 11:30 AM

Movie turns serious with intense gunfights and emotional sequences

Updated at 11:10 AM

Paparayudu song is on now..Song has been shot well with a very humorous Picturization..Pawan's dance steps are rocking..Great to watch

Updated at 11:06 AM

Hilarious sequences between Pawan and Brahmi..Brahmi is outstanding

Updated at 10:58 AM

Anukone ledhu gaa song is on now..played out as a small bit.. Movie has shifted to a village setting..Nice Karate stunts from Pawan..

Updated at 10:48 AM

Megastar Chiranjeevi's photo on screen and a nice imitation by Pawan. Crowd goes wild with delight

Updated at 10:40 AM

Brahmi makes a dashing entry as SI Paparayudu. Theater explodes with laughter

Updated at 10:34 AM

Jhansi makes a humorous entry in the second half

Updated at 10:24 AM

Interval! First has good comedy and has been shot with some nice twists. Story is now a revenge drama. Let us see how the second half stacks up

Updated at 10:13 AM

Movie takes a violent and tragic twist. Intense fist fights have been shot well

Updated at 10:07 AM

Adivi Sesh is good as the psychotic villain Munna.

Updated at 9:57 AM

Movie proceeds along with a good amount of comedy and some drama

Updated at 9:40 AM

Dialogues are funny and a nice romantic track developing between Pawan and Sarah Jane.. Lovely picturization of the Yela Yela song.

Updated at 9:25 AM

Its time for the bit song Kshanam Kshanam. Shot beautifully

Updated at 9:20 AM

Sarah Jane Dias makes her entry in a cool way..Ali is Chotu and makes his entry as Pawan's friend. Pawan's character is Jai

Updated at 9:15 AM

Trademark Pawan Kalyan opening fight sequence..Shot well

Updated at 9:10 AM

Pawan Kalyan makes a rocking entry..He is superb and end to the delight of his fans

Updated at 9:05 AM

Movie opens to a conversation between Atul Kulkarni and his gang..

Updated at 9:00 AM

Titles are rolling with the theme music..crowds are going ballistic

Updated at 8:55 AM

The Show has STARTED

Updated at 8:50 AM

Humongous crowds outside prasads for the movie..many celebrities and mvie personalities making their way starts in a few minutes

Updated at 8:34 AM

Hello folks..we are going to bring you live updates from Power Star Pawan's Panjaa in a few minutes..keep watching for live and exclusive info about the movie

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Mahesh K.S
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