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Interview : Nagarjuna- Audience are accepting me in mature roles now
Published on Oct 4, 2017 2:14 am IST

Akkineni Nagarjuna has started the promotion of his new film Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and on this occasion, we caught up with him for a detailed interview. Here is the transcript.

Firstly, what’s behind this clean-shaven look?

There is nothing special behind it. As I have no shoots for the rest of the year, I have decided to try out something new. Also, as all the girls are liking it, I am enjoying my new look even more.

How excited are you about your son’s wedding?

Oh! I am very eagerly looking forward to the wedding. I am dying to dress up for both the Hindu and Christian wedding as it will be a lot of fun. Jokes aside, I love the fact that Chay and Sam have respected their parents and are having two different weddings in a traditional way. Only the immediate family is being invited and there will be a lavish reception in Hyderabad.

Why was Raju Gari Gahi delayed?

Right from the day one, I clearly told Ohmkar that the film needs to have some superb VFX. But he and his team were adamant and took the graphics work to Mumbai. Not that the guys did a poor job, they took a lot of time and also certain scenes had to be reshot which I did not like. Now that I have seen the film, I liked it immensely and am super confident about the project.

What’s new in this horror comedy?

I am doing this genre for the first time and also we have made this horror comedy for a family viewing. The story is quite new and every role will surely impress everyone. The concept of the film itself attracted me a lot and my character of a mentalist excited me even more.

Working experience with Samantha?

I had a lovely time working with her. She will really scare everyone with her role in the film. Ohmkar has very nicely showcased her and the last twenty minutes of the film will quite gripping. The confrontation scenes between me and her will be the highlight of the film.

Adjusting to the new age character defined roles for you?

I am loving the transformation. New roles are being written for me and I am having a gala time shooting for them. I am very happy that the audience is accepting me in such roles. Even I am tired of the dance and romance and I feel that there are enough youngsters to do those films.

About remaking Judwaa 2?

Both the producer, Sajid Nadiadwala and Dawid Dhawan called me recently and asked me to watch the film. They also suggested me to remake the film in Telugu. I am yet to watch the film as I am super busy.

Why are the producers’ hell-bent on releasing the film mostly during the festive season?

Things have changed a lot these days. Jobs are very stressful and everyone wants to watch a film only during the weekends and festive season. This is the only time they are free and we as producers cash in and release our films.

Finally about Raju Gari Gadhi2?

The film is an out and out entertainer with some beautiful emotions. I am super confident about the film and feel that it will be very successful. The entire family can watch the film without any hesitation.

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