Interview: Producer Chaitanya Reddy – Darling is a complete family and love entertainer
Published on Jul 6, 2024 10:30 pm IST

Rom-com entertainer Darling, starring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles, is scheduled for a grand release on July 19. Directed by Aswin Raam and produced by Primeshow Entertainment’s K Niranjan Reddy and Chaitanya Reddy, the film is creating a good buzz with its entertaining promotional content. As the film is nearing its release, producer Chaitanya Reddy interacted with the media and here is the transcript.

How was it producing a film like Darling after the blockbuster HanuMan?

Darling started way before HanuMan’s release. The director and producer are very much connected to this script. Ours is a love marriage, and so is the director’s. After fourteen years of marriage, life becomes very routine. Even going to a movie is seen as work. How was it in the beginning? How busy life has become after children? When director Ashwin told us this point, we connected to it immediately. Darling is an entertainer that connects with one and all.

What was the reason for casting Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh?

The male lead should be very innocent and come from a simple background. The leading lady should be leading a hi-fi life. The characters of the hero and heroine have equal prominence. We felt that Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh would fit the bill. Rehearsals were also done to immerse themselves in these roles. Both of them did a lot of hard work.

Nabha Natesh had an accident. Did it have any effect on this project?

No. We approached her only when she was back to acting. Nabha is a big asset for Darling. She is very supportive and sweet. She plays a very positive role. Women should be respected well, and we designed Nabha’s role with this thought in mind.

Isn’t Darling a very catchy title?

We first thought of naming the film Why This Kolavari. But after the success of HanuMan, we understood how crucial the title is. “Why This Kolavari” will be understood only by youth, and if we want to take the film closer to the larger section of the audience, we need to come up with a universal title. Hence, we named the film Darling. As there is already a film with the same title, we added “Why This Kolavari” as the tagline. This movie is a blend of emotion and entertainment. It is a complete family and love entertainer.

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