Allari Naresh talks about his working experience with Bapu & K. Vishwanath
Published on Apr 25, 2024 3:00 am IST

Among the current generation of actors, Allari Naresh is the only actor who worked with the legendary directors Bapu and K. Vishwanath. In an interview the actor was asked to share his working experience with these two great directors. Naresh said that Bapu selected him for Sundarakanda after seeing his performance in Kitha Kithalu, for which he felt very pleased.

Allari Naresh said, “My dad is a huge fan of Vishwanath Garu. He always dreamt of working under him. When I got the opportunity to be part of Subhapradam, he felt very happy. Vishwanath Garu told me that I look like the boy next door, and he wanted his protagonist to behave in the same manner in Shubapradam.”

Naresh continued, “I never shared this incident before. There was a scene with 6-7 pages of dialogues. I wasn’t given the dialogue paper beforehand since Vishwanath Garu has the habit of rewriting dialogues on the day of the shoot. Sir told me he planned to film that scene in a single shot. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Vishwanath Garu showed me how to do the scene, and it helped me perform well.

The actor continued, “Scenes that involve actors doing multiple activities, like drinking coffee or placing something on the table, are tough to perform, We should memorize our lines, maintain the expression, and do those activities simultaneously. Vishwanath Garu told me the trick to crack such scenes.”

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