Bengaluru Rave Party Issue: Devara actor Srikanth sets the record straight
Published on May 20, 2024 5:00 pm IST

In a recent incident near Electric City in Bengaluru, police disrupted a rave party disguised as a birthday celebration, leading to the detention of individuals associated with the Telugu film industry.

Amidst the frenzy, misinformation surfaced involving Telugu actor Srikanth Meka, distressing him and his family. However, Srikanth promptly addressed the situation through a video statement from his Hyderabad residence.

In the video, Srikanth expressed surprise at the reports of his alleged arrest. He clarified that he was safely at home with his family and was not part of the party. While he found the false rumors somewhat amusing, he emphasized the importance of verifying facts before spreading information. Srikanth urged both the media and the public to exercise caution and avoid spreading unfounded assumptions.

The Devara actor quickly cleared up the false rumours about him, showing how important it is to trust reliable sources for the truth. His honesty during the situation taught everyone a valuable lesson about getting facts straight before jumping to conclusions.

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