Bigg Boss 4- Housemates cleverly spreading negativity against young actor
Published on Sep 27, 2020 12:03 pm IST

The Bigg Boss show is in its fourth season and so much is being said about the show which is bringing decent TRP’s for Star Maa. The contestants, though they are not popular are bringing decent masala for the show.

One such contestant who is playing a very clever game is Abhijeet. The Life is Beautiful actor looks cute and innocent but is a solid player and is filled with ego is the talk in the media.

The way Kumar Sai blamed him for looking down upon other contestants for their education has become a hot topic. Others say that Kumar Sai is playing politics and purposely demeaned Abhijeet who is one of the popular contestants in the show.

The way others are cornering him by taking this topic is very clever and is spreading negativity against Abhijeet. So, only time will tell as to how Abhijeet will stand this onslaught on him in the days to come.

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