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Bigg Boss 4- Social media following saved this contestant from elimination
Published on Sep 28, 2020 9:48 am IST

Yesterday’s elimination was a shocker for many as Devi Nagavalli, the popular news anchor was eliminated. The news broke out that Mehboob Dil Se was the one who was eliminated but in the end, shockingly, Devi was out.

Mehboob is a relatively unknown guy in the media when compared to Devi Naga Valli. But what saved him is the question?. The news is that his social media popularity which is mostly the younger generation has saved him. Mehboob is quite popular with his dance videos on Youtube and has a decent following.

As he also belongs to Guntur, the news is that the entire district has been voting in support of him. So, he is getting decent votes and was saved first in the show. Devi was in a shock and so was the audience but that is how the voting goes in such shows.

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