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Bigg Boss 4 -Sympathy factor working big time for this contestant
Published on Oct 2, 2020 7:10 pm IST

The Bigg Boss has started on a slow note but after two weeks, things clicked big time and the show is getting solid TRP’s as of now. The ego issues of the contestants have become a talking point and is a good thrill for the audience.

One of them who is the talking point is Kumar Sai. He came late into the scene but became a villain for many. He was blamed by many of the contestants for his loose tongue but Kumar Sai stood his ground.

In a way, the sympathy factor has worked big time in favor of Kumar Sai and he is being saved so many times. This negative angle of others towards him has become a positive factor for Kumar Sai but we need to see how many more days he can survive in the house.

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