Bigg Boss 5 – Are Siri and Priyanka safe only for this reason?
Published on Nov 28, 2021 5:40 pm IST

Anchor Ravi has been eliminated and this has sent shock waves among many. Everyone is questioning how Ravi being a popular contestant is ousted.

Ravi was the favorite to win the show but he has gone out before the likes of Kajal, Siri, Priyanka, and Manas who are weak links.

The fans of this TV star are upset and are blaming the makers for this. Some harsh comments are coming out on social media saying the makers have kept Priyanka and Siri safe only because they are romantically involved with Manas and Shanmukh respectively.

As Siri and Shanmukh’s love angle and one side love of Priyanka towards Manas have become juicy, the makers have made them safe is the news.

Whatever said and done, the game has turned on its head and now anything can happen in the days to come.

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