Bigg Boss 5 – Will Kajal get saved once again?
Published on Nov 30, 2021 9:00 pm IST

Kajal has been the surprise package of this year’s Bigg Boss 5. Everyone thought she won’t survive more than five weeks but she is in top seven.

Kajal was saved in front of popular celebs like Ravi and this did not go well with many. But how is Kajal surviving is the biggest question?

Even the housemates have the same doubt but there is nothing that anyone cannot do about it. Anne Master was against Kajal and she went out. The same case with Ravi and he is kicked out now.

Kajal has emerged strongly in the last few weeks and her voting has increased. She is nominated once again and is also trailing along with Siri and Priyanka. Will she get saved yet again? Only time will tell.

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