Bigg Boss – Big test for Punarnavi and Rahul’s relationship today
Published on Sep 17, 2019 1:06 pm IST

It is a known fact that both Rahul and Punarnavi are close to each other in the ongoing game show Bigg Boss which has completed half its journey.

Yesterday, in the nomination task, Rahul saved Punarnavi by drinking 20 glasses of bitter gourd. Now, the tables have turned as the query was posted to Punarnavi now.

But Punarnavi has to nominate herself for the entire season to save Rahul from this week’s elimination. Will she do that is the big question now?

Rahul and Punarnavi have been quite close and so much was said about them. But this twist is big now and it will showcase Punarnavi’s real liking towards Rahul if she nominates herself for the rest of the season.

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