Bigg Boss Tamil S7: Vichitra shares her casting couch experience in the industry
Published on Nov 22, 2023 11:02 am IST

In the latest season of Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by the esteemed Kamal Haasan, the competition is fierce, and contestants are putting their best foot forward. Notably, yesteryear actress Vichitra has become a standout participant, impressing everyone with her performance.

During a recent task, Vichitra courageously shared a deeply unsettling experience from her past in the film industry, shedding light on the pervasive issue of the casting couch. She disclosed that she had been a victim of molestation while working on a film with a prominent hero in Malampuzha, Kerala.

Recalling the distressing incident, Vichitra disclosed being summoned to the actor’s room, unable to comprehend the nature of the gesture at the time. That night, she returned to her room in a state of perplexity. Following this incident, she encountered numerous challenges during the shooting process. Vichitra explained that this traumatic experience was the pivotal factor in her decision to step away from the film industry.

Her honest revelation has sparked discussions and highlighted the need to address issues like the casting couch within the entertainment industry. It has brought attention to the unseen struggles faced by many artists and has prompted a dialogue on creating a safe and respectful working environment for everyone in the film fraternity.

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