Chandamama Lo Amrutham is loaded with 64 mins of VFX!
Published on Jul 28, 2013 7:00 pm IST

Gunnam Gangaraju’s upcoming film Chandamama Lo Amrutham is going to be a laugh riot, as per the reports emerging from the industry. The film is inspired from the superhit sitcom Amrutham and the film has Srinivas Avasarala, Harish, Vasu Inturi, Dhanya and others in lead roles. A majority of the film’s story takes places in space and a special moon set was erected for this film. Talking about the film, Gunnam Gangaraju said, “It was very difficult for the actors to wear the suit quite similar to the one which astronauts use when they go to space. Those suits were so heavy that the actors had to communicate with each other through gestures and the film’s climax was all the more difficult to pull off with more than 20 actors in the scene.”

The film’s shooting and dubbing part have already been completed and currently, the sound effects and re-recording work is going on. Interestingly, the film reportedly has 64 minutes of visual effects and the director revealed that it’s going to take another three months to wrap up the post production. This is the first time that Gunnam Gangaraju, who has earlier made Little Soldiers, is using such huge number of VFX shots, but we can be assured that the film is going to be a rib tickling entertainer on the whole.

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