Corona effect : Will Star heroes consider the deadly market situation?
Published on Sep 21, 2020 7:00 pm IST

No one ever imagined that a deadly virus like COVID 19 will change the very word called existence. So many lives taken, jobs lost, businesses getting disrupted and source of income for many have been affected in a big way.

Since the month of March this year, the theatres in the country have been closed causing heavy losses to distributors, exhibitors, and producers. Things are slowly getting back to normal and the news is that the theatres will open mostly by December this year.

But the experts believe that things will not be the same as the audience will think twice before thronging the theatres at once and all this, will directly affect the popularity of the stars, profits of the producers, and budgets of the film.

Big hero films are made on huge budgets but post lockdown, the returns will not be the same and the collection will surely get effected. So, the star producers who make big films are worried and want to make films with minimal budgets. This will only happen when the star heroes reduce their remuneration which forms close to half of the film’s budget.

The big question is whether these heroes will reduce their fee post-Corona effect. Some stars in Tamil cinema have already decided to cut short their fee and help the producers.

Experts say that if this culture also spreads in Telugu, a big change will happen in the way films will be made. Adding further, an industry trade expert says that if the star hero reduces his fee, the business of the film will also be done accordingly, and if anything goes wrong the losses will be minimal.

But will these heroes, on whose name the business runs and revenue generates, cut down their fee in the days to come, only time will tell?

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