Fans urge Kalki 2898 AD makers to unleash the ‘leaked’ trailer
Published on Jun 20, 2024 1:01 pm IST

Anticipation for the grand mytho sci-fi spectacle Kalki 2898 AD is reaching fever pitch as its release draws near. Spearheaded by Prabhas and helmed by the visionary Nag Ashwin, this much-awaited cinematic extravaganza is poised to grace theaters on June 27, 2024, captivating audiences in multiple languages.

During the recently held pre-release event in Mumbai, the film’s creators revealed an exclusive new trailer for the attendees. However, excitement turned to disappointment when an unauthorized recording of the trailer surfaced on social media. Despite the compromised audio and pixelated visuals, viewers found themselves captivated by the leaked footage.

Now, fervent movie enthusiasts and dedicated netizens are urging the team to release the unreleased trailer, which had already gained viral attention before the arrival of the first official trailer. Fans are actively campaigning on social media platforms, urging for its immediate release to further ignite anticipation.

Those who caught a glimpse of the freshly leaked footage observed significant disparities from the previously unreleased trailer. The question remains whether the team will opt to unveil both versions or maintain secrecy.

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