Gopichand reveals what went wrong with Ramabanam
Published on Mar 4, 2024 12:00 am IST


Last year, Macho star Gopichand came up with the family action drama Ramabanam, which was directed by Sriwass. Previously, Sriwass gave two blockbusters to Gopichand in the form of Lakshyam and Loukyam. Hence, everyone expected Ramabanam to be a hat trick for the hero and director combo. However, Ramabanam failed to make any impact, resulting in significant losses.

During Bhimaa’s promotions, Gopichand opened up about Ramabanam’s failure. The actor said, “The emotions didn’t work out as intended. The story might be old, but what’s more important is how it is presented or told. These days, we need to offer something new to the audience. I feel we didn’t get it right with regard to the presentation.”

Gopichand said, “I understood that the film is not heading in the right direction mid-way. We tried to make a few corrections, but by then, it was too late as we lost control.” Ramabanam’s budget shot up, and it is also one of the reasons behind the huge losses.

During Ramabanam’s promotions, Gopichand said, “Too many unnecessary scenes were planned, and I felt they wouldn’t make it to the final cut. So, I asked the team not to shoot them in the first place. But they were not okay with my suggestion and filmed those scenes. Ultimately, those sequences were edited out from the final output.” All this deleted footage was released later on YouTube.

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