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Guntur Kaaram: Naga Vamsi opens up about the clash with other films
Published on Nov 1, 2023 10:26 pm IST

Sankranti 2024 is jam-packed with numerous films, which include Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, Eagle, Family Star, HanuMan, Naa Saami Ranga, Ayalaan, and Lal Salaam. Audiences are bewildered to see these many films lined up for release during the festival.

Naga Vamsi has now made some interesting comments regarding Guntur Kaaram. Today, he interacted with the media to talk about Aadikeshava’s postponement. This was when one of the reporters asked Naga Vamsi to speak about the mega clash during Sankranti. Also, Naga Vamsi was asked if he had a discussion with those other producers.

Naga Vamsi asked media personnel what’s their first choice for Sankranti and the reply was Guntur Kaaram. Naga Vamsi replied, “I asked the same question in an earlier interview, and the answer was Guntur Kaaram unanimously. If the audience’s first choice is Guntur Kaaram, why would I discuss about the clash with the producers of other films? In fact, it should be the other way around.”

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