Has Akira shifted to Hyderabad? Renu Desai clarifies

Of late, Renu Desai seems to be determined to bust any sort of rumors that are being spread about her son Akira. Recently, Renu threatened to block fans of Pawan Kalyan who call her son as Jr Powerstar. And today, she has clarified the latest rumor about Akira shifting to Hyderabad.

Yesterday, Akira was spotted with his father Pawan Kalyan and stepmother Anna Lezhneva at the house warming ceremony of Pawan’s new residence in Vijayawada. Since then, rumor mills have been abuzz with speculations that Akira has shifted to Hyderabad to live with his father and pursue his higher education in the city.

But Renu Desai is quick to clarify. She took to Twitter this afternoon and wrote, “I’m getting constant messages since yesterday about Akira being in Vijayawada with Kalyan garu. Akira is just spending few days of school holidays with his father. He has not shifted to Hyderabad.”