How EVV’s warning got rid of Allari Naresh’s bad habit
Published on Jul 23, 2019 8:19 am IST

Until a few years ago, hero Allari Naresh had a bad reputation of always being late to shooting. Several directors and producers were even fed up with Naresh’s non-punctual attitude towards his work. However, it was a thing of the past and Naresh is a changed man now.

In a latest interview, Naresh revealed that he had given up his bad habit of going late to the sets after his father and popular director EVV Satyanarayana’s warning. Naresh said that his father had told him that he will have to face a lot of consequences if he didn’t change his habit.

EVV had also suggested that Naresh should ensure enough gap between each call sheet, as he used to shoot for more than one film on a single day. “Dad’s warning had helped me change for better,” Naresh said.

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