Indian 2: Shankar reacts to the criticism regarding Kamal Haasan’s makeup
Published on Jul 11, 2024 5:00 pm IST

Indian 2

Ever since the theatrical trailer of Kamal Haasan and Shankar’s Indian 2 dropped online, there has been a lot of chatter about the actor’s makeup. Senapathy is an iconic character in Indian cinema, and Shankar presented Kamal in the best way possible in the first part. As Kamal’s appearance in the Indian 2 trailer differs from that of the first part, netizens expressed their disappointment.

Reacting to the same, Shankar said, “When we were working on Indian, the prosthetic makeup was so thick. I could not see the expressions of Kamal sir, who is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the world. While I started working on Indian 2, I learned about the advancement in prosthetics. The makeup layer has become thinner, and hence, the expressions of an actor can be clearly seen now.”

Shankar added, “I want the audience to feel Kamal sir’s performance, and that’s the reason you are feeling the difference in looks. Initially, I designed a different look. As Senapathy got older, I wanted to show him weak by giving him a bald look and hunchback. However, I withdrew my idea. Senapathy is nothing but a representation of the common man’s anger. Hence, he cannot be weak. He is our very own superhero. Just like Superman and James Bond, we have a superhero in the form of Senapathy.”

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