Interesting story behind Sumanth’s next
Published on Sep 24, 2016 1:17 pm IST

Sumanth’s Naruda Donaruda’s first look and title logo got a tremendous response. It generated immense curiosity, as most of our audience were aware of only blood and organ donation.

But sperm donation, as revealed in the first look, created quite a stir. In order not to sound too overt, the makers wondered long and hard to arrive at an appropriate title.

Finally, it was none other than Sumanth who coined the DONORuda word after randomly while taking a shower. The famous Balakrishna song Naruda O Naruda was also of help. He added the D in front of O Naruda, thus arriving at DONORuda.

Immediately, Sumanth started discussing this idea with friends and well-wishers. When he randomly shared this title with SS Rajamouli and MM Keeravani at a film function, both of them along with their families were in splits of laughter. Rajamouli told him to lock it and look no further.

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