Kanulenduko from Harom Hara sounds melodic
Published on Apr 24, 2024 12:26 pm IST

Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka of Sehari fame has joined forces with the Nitro Star Sudheer Babu for an action thriller titled Harom Hara. Malvika Sharma is the female lead in this movie.

To further promote the film, the makers have released the second single, Kanulenduko, a soulful melody mesmerizingly composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj. The melodious track features Nikhita Srivalli’s soothing vocals along with additional vocals provided by Chaitan Bharadwaj. The acoustic guitar, bass, and electric mandolin, along with keyboard notes, amplify the impact. Catchy lyrics for the song were penned by Vengi.

The song begins with Malvika hinting to Sudheer Babu about meeting him outside. Their love journey unfolds with the duo visiting different places to spend quality time together, showcasing adorable chemistry. The visuals are lovely. Kanulenduko is an instant hit for its well-composed music and more.

The movie, produced by Sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas, features a stellar cast including Sunil, Jaya Prakash, Akshara, Arjun Gowda, Lakki Lakshman, and Ravi Kale. Harom Hara is currently in post-production, and the release date will be announced soon.

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